Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Outdoor happenings

Thought I'd share a few photographs from outside as my kids pretty much live outdoors.  I swear some days we should just pack up and live in a yurt. 

Alex is just hanging out after a swim.  Why he is in a sweatshirt in 100 degree weather, I'll never understand.  But, Alex's temp regulations are always unique anyhow.  This is the favorite spot of all my kids.

Max, helping out w/ some raking.  Well, taking a break from raking.  

Alyona trying to figure out how the airplane works.  I found a new package of airplanes at a yardsale.  The kids had so much fun with them.

Love the wonder on Nik's face in this picture.  Discovering new things for any child is so fun to watch.  Amazing what joy a quarter can bring.  

Max took some of these pictures but love the expressions he caught.  This was Alex after he had just launched a plane.

You can click on the pictures and see a close up.  My kids had the best time with these things.  they love hanging around outside.  Love collecting creatures.  Keeps them busy and keeps them in touch w/ nature.  I think today too many kids just tune out nature and tune in tv.  Constantly hooked up to an ipod, computer, cell phone, etc.  Not my kids.  And as you can see, I don't think they mind.  And apparently, their friends don't mind either as they're always over here playing as well!  Today, one of their friends is over and they all caught a green tree frog.  Currently in an aquarium that is no longer going to be used for fish.  At first kids wonder why we make them drop off their cell phones on the counter when they first walk in the door.  Now, it's second nature, they don't ask why, and run outside to play.  Believe it or not, they call on the land line phone versus the cell if they have to call their parents.  Makes me wonder some times why many elementary & middle school kids have cell phones.  Just my opinion though.  These are the types of choices all parents have to make.  For us w/ children that have FAS, an easy choice.  For other parents, I'm sure it may be hard to weigh the different options and what it means for their kids.  My personal opinion is kids grow up way too fast nowadays anyhow.  I'm not adding to it w/ more responsibility of a phone or computer or the like.  

So, yes, you will probably always pass by my house & see at least one child outside.  Guarantee they are dirty too.  I don't mind one bit.  I'll write later about Bojan's visit to the doc today.

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