Thursday, August 19, 2010

Orientation....NOT GOOD!!!

I will start w/ Yana's orientation as I did not go to it.  The wonderful county doesn't have the common sense to put orientations on different nights versus the same night, same time.  Well, one was 5 to 7 and one was 6 to 8.  Impossible though to go to both, trust me, we've tried before.  Anyhow, a friend took Yana.  Yana picked up her schedule.  Doesn't have an idea of the bus time yet but I ran into their bus driver so no big deal.  If I didn't know so many people, it would have been a big deal though not knowing when the bus was coming.  So, Yana has absolutely no electives on her schedule she told me. Schedule is wrong. I will have to spend tomorrow fixing it.  Now, a bigger problem is Yana was told she will have someone sitting next to her, a teacher, the entire time.  She is mortified & rightfully so.  Part of their inclusion bit apparently. I'm going to verify this tomorrow but I see no reason why she'd lie to me and she has no idea what inclusion is or what may happen this year.  I never told her about it.  So, came as a shock when she was told she'd have someone right there.  In addition, she has a boy in her class that harassed her last year, cusses even more than a sailor and is a general trouble maker that is very touchy feely w/ the girls.  I do NOT want him near her, the school was indeed aware of this and yet he is in every single class of hers.  What in the world?!  Are they trying to get me to call the press at this point?  I'm coming pretty dog gone close. 

Onto Max.  This is the orientation we went to tonight.  Cleveland High School.  A new school.  I could care less that it is a new school.  We've been to several new schools in this county as they tend to shuffle the special ed kids around here.  We've been to five new schools.  Just has lost the wow factor on us by now as the newness of school is not what counts.  It's what is taught.  Bottom line.  Go in and there really is no signage on what to do but we figure it out.  Asked someone why there were no arrows, vice principal told me b/c the printers had broken.  Really?  At a brand new facility?  And if so, just use marker on paper.  again, no big deal as they had people telling you where to go.  Except, those people didn't know where to go.  Not kidding folks.  Well, we found one lady who was directing who knew where to go.  The others did not.  Giving them the benefit of the doubt as it is a new school.  Went to homeroom.  Max's schedule is as we expected...messed up.  So, I have to go downstairs to student services and wait in line. They tell me to email a lady about it and she'll get back to me.  NONE of Max's teachers were aware that he has an IEP w/ mods.  None.  This is his first year out of self-contained in a few years.  Going to be an adjustment.  I did like the teachers I met though.  They were great.  Found out from one that they are doing away w/ OCS and going w/ total inclusion.  Really?!  Shocker as we were NOT told this and this is what program Irina is.  I can not take much more.  I really can't. 

Now, once I figure all this stuff out, I have to get moving on the homestudy wrap up.  I have a call into my guardian to make sure she wrote the letter.  She wrote the reference letter but need to make sure of the guardian letter too.  This is imperative yet I've got dozens of imperative things to do.  Tonight after this, I'm writing 2 teachers, fixing 2 schedules, going to Walmart(no milk), working out, filling out more papers, writing 3 birthday cards, doing laundry, etc.  The list is lengthy and Warren can help on some.  Bring on the chocolate.  Went to the doc today b/c I've been sick for about 10 days but no time to slow down.  Allergies are turning into an infection.  Told me I really need to get back to my allergist.  URGHH.  Thought I was off all that stuff.  Oh well.  Just been a long day and Nik decided he should flood the bathroom w/ the bubble bath soap.  Okay, I'm going to go get some candy.  LOL.  Then, I will be super busy.  No one call me please.  Well, except for the one person I need to call me.  Long,long day.  I know these days happen and it really isn't too bad when you look at the big picture.  Just when you have a few of your kids begging and I mean begging to be homeschooled, you have to stop and think.  I'm going to have them write a letter to the schools and school board so they can see how real children feel about inclusion and having a teacher single them out by "helping" them in a regular setting.  I know in some instances inclusion is good.  But done this way where it is emotionally and socially hurting the children it is not a good thing.  I want a solution.  I really do.  I want to know the right thing to do for my kids. I do.  Just going to take some time to think about.  Got to go.  Too much to say & fingers are tired.  enjoy your evenign and promise most posts aren't this down.  But, this is real life we live at Chaos Manor and these things will happen.  You will have ups and downs. It's how you move back up that makes the difference. 

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