Monday, August 9, 2010

Nik got approved!!!

 For his second implant!  I told him and he was thrilled.  Remember, he has been begging us for months now to get a second surgery.  And when you have a 7yo telling you he WANTS surgery so he can hear more, you listen.  And, we did.  I was told today the team is very hesistant going bilateral w/ him since he does still have residual hearing in that ear.  We understand and I'm sure will have to sign papers stating that we understand he will lose all hearing in that ear.  This is one of those decisions that you have to weigh so so carefully as a parent.  This is very tough and don't think for a minute we don't know that.  We are fully aware of all the risks to Nik getting a second implant on his head.  But, we feel the benefits fully outweigh the risks at this point.  He did very well w/ the last surgery.  I had to take his implant off of him in the shower the other day b/c he literally forgets he has it on.  It's become a part of him. 

So, surgery team will call me soon to schedule.  This I'm sure will be around the time we'll need to get Bojan's surgery.  Why do I say this?  Because historically speaking, we seem to get two kids having surgery at once a few times in a row.  LOL.  But, we have a wonderful support team here so that's great. 

Nik will excel w/ this second implant I feel.  With his disorder AN(auditory neuropathy), whatever hearing they do have, they hear differently every single time.  Hard to learn language w/ that kind of chaos going on inside your head.  This is just so dog gone exciting.  What could make this week better... a homestudy approval.  Keeping fingers crossed on that one!  Just had to share the good news.  I'm excited and Nik is excited.  Keep you posted as to when surgery will happen.  With these CI surgeries, surgery is first, activation is a month or so after that.  Then, months of "tweaking" and adjusting.  Still awhile before we get to see the full benefits of an additional implant but still confident we will.  Now, off to work on the mess of a school situation for Irina.  The littles are here today but Alyona is playing w/ the 3yo (see, a sister will do her good!), and Nik is keeping the other one entertained by bug collecting.  Oh, and a watergun shootout.  Got end of season clearance stuff and gave the 6 boys some waterguns to play w/.  So, from 2yo to 15yo, there is a big water gun fight going on in the backyard.  Hence, why I'm here & they're outside.  LOL.  More to come later.


  1. YAY for Nik! I am glad that he is excited about it. :_

  2. Congratulations Nik!!!... That it´s a GREAT new!!!... I´m so glad for you guys!!!... And I know everything gonna be all right!... I know toddlers twins with 2 CI and they heard and act perfectly normal. Like you said: "It become a part of them".
    Huge hug from Argentina. Sorry for the absence!... We have moved to another home and chage internet server... so that was the delayed!... And now I have A LOT to read!!!...
    Kind regards!!!...