Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New windows...overdue post

As some know, we have some of the BEST friends ever!  So much so, that some of the friends we know volunteered to come here and help us install windows on the hottest days of the summer.  Literally, the hottest on record!  117 heat index in Raleigh.  Crazy dog days of summer for sure.  We even had friends take the four youngest kids so that they'd be out of the way.  Excellent idea btw.  So, below are some window shots.  Just look at what friends can do.

Damage doesn't look so severe here but trust me, it is.  There was rot for sure.  

Boys interested in watching what's about to happen but just a bit to hot to watch.  Alex's heat issues(body temp) are always ever so present in the summer time.  Trust me, they had much more fun where they went versus watching everyone help install windows.

And, windows are OUT!

And, the finished product.  You can tell the windows are a bit darker than the others.  Much, much more efficient too.  And, the rot is all gone.  The others w/ rot, we are fixing ourselves.  These were the ones beyond fixing though.  

We could never have done this alone.  That was quite evident the weekend this took place.  We could never thank everyone enough for all their help.  We will somehow pay it back to them one day.  Don't know how, but some way.  I do know if they ever need house help, we'll be there.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

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