Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Need some good vibes please

Just got a message from my agency.  Next meeting is on September XXth.(not sure we're allowed to give dates.  Still learning the rules so being extra cautious)  This is where the Bulgarian Ministry meets to discuss referrals and such.  My documents need to be in Bulgaria by then.  No exceptions!  As some of you on here are aware, we are literally waiting on one document to be written in order to be completely finished w/ our homestudy.  Please pray that this will be done this week.  This HAS to be approved ASAP in order to get a completed dossier over to Bulgaria in time.  With the Labor Day Weekend approaching (& a hurricane no less), we are under an extreme time crunch.  Good thoughts, prayers & vibes are greatly welcomed at this point.  Got to go.  Won't be much on here tomorrow I'm guessing until I get this adoption paperwork wrapped up.  Thanks for all the support.  I know of a few others on this same time frame we're on.  Who knows, maybe some of us will eventually end up traveling around the same time.  This has happened in a few of our other adoptions.  Again, Bulgaria is very new territory for us though so still learning how it all works.  Don't even know if folks travel together or not.  I know they do in Russian adoptions.  See, even us "old timers" learn something new here and there.   Got to go.

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