Thursday, August 26, 2010

More back to school pics

Found some and after such a long-winded post, we need some cute faces to be a bit more cheery.  So, here goes.

4th & 5th grader waiting.  They both look like their up to something.

Silly picture I know but to show you a few things.  And now,it's not our messy front porch to show.  Nik dressed himself. Notice the socks.  One is an ankle sock, the other is folded down quite a bit.  hey, they were both white so at least we got the same color this time.  He's grown a bunch this summer.  His bookbag is much smaller than he is now.  

Silly, I know.  But, shows a bit too.  shows that my little girl is still my girlie girl.  Shows that her bookbag is actually still as big as she is.  

I think she's ready for her new year.  This will never happen again...them being ready on time.  Seriously, it won't.  

Think he'll get class clown award this year?  Alex is trying to peek out behind him.  Our pool is in the backyard.  So why is the towel hanging out front?  No one could answer me.  Nik loves goofing around.  Always fun and full of life.

They are in school.   Some are already having a really hard time and it is only day 2.  The three teens are still begging to be homeschooled.  Working on what to do about it.  Hoping things turn around for them.  School should be a learning experience but fun as a child.  More to come tomorrow.  Much too busy to write during the day now.  Thankfully, a fast typer at night.  Have a great evening.

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