Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Max's talents

Max is our resident handyman and artist.  He is a jack of all trades and takes after his dad in many areas.  All the kids ask Max to fix stuff first before they'd ever ask me.  Seriously.  And, a good thing too.  Those art projects in school... yep, Max helps w/ those as well.  He loves it and glad he does.  I can't draw.  It is no secret folks.  I suck at drawing.  I had a moment, a very brief moment, in high school where I thought I may be able to draw something other than a stick figure.  I was SO proud that it actually looked like what I thought I was drawing.  Then the art teacher came over.  Stunned, he said "Stephanie, that's a great bat you're drawing."  I said "thanks, but it's a squirrel."  No lie.  Now, Warren comes from a whole family of artists.  My MIL is an artist.  You know, a real artist that teaches art and sells paintings.  Something I could never even dream of.  When I say Max is an artist, I don't say that lightly.  I truly think he has talent.  Below is his FIRST attempt at a shadow drawing.  Here is the magazine he modeled it after. 

Here's the magazine he looked at to draw from.  Hmm, is he a typical 15yo boy or what?!  

I know the face looks a little interesting but this is his very first attempt at shadowing.  He was supposed to have art in high school but school messed up...again.  They did this last semester as well.  He's always done more mechanical drawings such as robots and cars so nice to see him stretch his talents.  

Another perspective.  Again, he hasn't done too many people drawings so for many a firsts, I thought this was pretty dog gone good. 

Max also has handyman status in this house.  And, he is always patient when having little helpers around.

Here's Max and Nik putting up new bunkbeds for the boys.  We'll have 5 boys in the front bedroom temporarily.  3 girls in the back bedroom and then Irina and Yana will remain in their rooms downstairs.  Our plan is to either convert the garage into a room or add a room.  But, those plans seem to be changing too & more on that in a bit.  So, for now, bunks go up.  Now, these are not normal rooms either.  They're each about 500 sq. ft.  It's pretty much a big bonus room.  

Max has to have a lot of patience to work w/ this guy!  

Lots and lots to do tonight.  So, have to go.  Enjoy your evening and much more to come.  Just really super busy lately. 

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  1. What a great drawing. The picture is too funny! Blessings!