Sunday, August 22, 2010

Little moments.....

mean so much.  Today, Sunday, has been a dreary, lazy day.  And, it's been a great time to catch up on sleep and just veg out some.  Clean a little.  And I mean very little.  All sat down to watch a movie. Warren's had to work this weekend and he's in Cary now working.  Other than that, we've gone nowhere today.  I boxed up dresses to send to my brother for my niece.  Hope to get to the post office tomorrow some time.  Generally, just doing some catching up around the house. 

While I was getting a shower, a little monkey was in my closet and knocked down the Advance Bionics box in our closet.  Guessing it was Nik b/c he was interested.  He wants his second implant so badly, that he is literally searching for a spare.  Anyhow, while looking at the box, we realized there is another hookup for his implant to hear music directly into the device versus going through the microphone.  So, we got Irina's ipod and plugged him in.

First getting Nik hooked upto the device & to the ipod.  

He was so happy he could hear music.  Real music.  We've talked to other CI users and they said music going into the mic sucks.  But, directly linked up to the implant is very clear.  Made his day.  Now, if only we could afford to get him an ipod as well.  LOL. For now, Irina is more than happy to loan hers.

This is something that wasn't possible.  Him being able to actually listen to music.  Nik loves to dance.  When I'm in my bathroom putting on make up or brushing my teeth or my hair, Nik will come in,climb on the counter and dance.  I'll turn the radio up quite a bit and he & I will dance to whatever song is playing on the radio.  He is so into music.  It's wonderful to see b/c just a few short years ago, he was destined to rot in an orphanage, tied to a bed.  There would be no music.  No dances with mom.  No laughter.  No smiles of delight b/c he could hear.  None of that.  

It is the little moments like Nik listening to music that make you just stop and think.  You CAN do something.  Whether it's praying, donating or adopting, every single person is able to do at least ONE of those things.  I think the statistics are that if just 7% of Christians would adopt a child, there would be no more orphans in the world.  That would be a time for rejoicing and dancing for sure!  Just food for thought.  For now, just enjoying  a lazy day w/ everyone watching an old movie.  More posts later but we really just needed a veg out kind of day.

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  1. Hi Stephanie!!!... I´m so glad for him!... I love music also, and it´s wonderful that this little cute could enjoy the power of the music!.
    I would like to tell you, that we have started the papers for an interview on the 1st Sept. So cross your fingers!!!...
    Kind regards from Arg.