Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just hanging out...

thought I'd do a few pictures of the kids just hanging around the house.  Here goes.

This is Max just hanging out in his room with a book.  yep, I said a book.  I was frankly shocked to see this too. This is Max's futon bed.  It will be kept in this room when we switch the girls over here.  We're going to paint it white and make it "girlie."  Looks like a typical teenage boy spot, doesn't it?

This is Alyona just after a bath.  She seems to always have a smile on her face.  Well, unless she's eating.  And we all know what a struggle that is.  Alyona is dying to have a room & I can't blame her.  It's about time!  Plan on moving the boys all to the front bedroom some time this month and work on fixing up the  back room for Alyona & her two new sisters.  Alyona has requested pink.  I think I can work w/ that.  Alyona is my girlie girl so shouldn't be too hard.  Maybe sprinkle some fairy dust in there & dream big!

Kind of blurry but loved catching that toothless grin on Nik.  He was laughing so hard that night.  

This is what my son keeps doing....sticking magnets all over his head.  bTW, he used to stick crazy refrigerator magnets to his implant spot and crack up.  Told him that was NOT allowed.  He doesn't do this too often.  He also sticks them on his lips and nose.  Nuts, huh?  

Max, making Yana into an Avatar at rest.  Color matches the movie, doesn't it?  They like the new hammock & it holds more weight so more than one person can get on it.  We are going to "try" to attempt to patch the old one up but not holding our breath on that one.  Would love another just like this one.  We'll have to wait & see one day.  Love that the kids rest here, read here, step away from a tense situation to here, etc.  Going to get more shrubs growing for sure.  

Last hanging out picture is Irina listening to her ipod.  She is currently the only one in the house that has an ipod.  See, FAS children do not do well w/ abstract concepts nor do they do well w/ money.  So, we have never given our kids an allowance.  However, occasionally we'll go out & buy different things for them & say what it is for.  Irina recieved this 1) b/c she is 17.5 yo & 2) because she helps out a lot around the house.  We told her this is why we were getting her this & she had no idea that was what was going to happen that day.  We got in the car & she said "now I feel like such a real teenager!"  It was so worth it.  You have to remember, with an FAS child, their maturity level socially & responsibly is about half their age.  That is why we wait much longer than most in letting our children have access to certain things.  None have cell phones right now.  Irina will most likely get one later this year.  I said they can have one once they get a job.  And,to set that example, I do not have a cell phone either.  

Max helps immensely w/ our yard work & grilling.  So, he chose to get a camera w/ video capabilities & such.  It's actually a really cool camera.  Other than a few stupid videos he & Bojan did, no abuse of it or anything.  He chose this over an ipod & made sense.  Max isn't into music much.  Yana was on the path to get something but then got in serious, serious trouble & was grounded the entire month of June.  So, though we don't pay our kids an allowance, we do something else instead & explain why they are getting said item.  They also know this doesn't happen weekly or monthly.  It is random as it is usually a higher ticket item.  Works for us and eliminates the whole money issues we have with our kids effected w/ FAS.  

Got sidetracked on the end there.  Sorry about that.  We had a wonderful time at church today & have so much to say about that in another post.  Can't wait to share.  Anyhow,  hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  We have lots & lots to get done this week.  and, I think we'll actually accomplish a lot.  More to come later. 

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  1. Steph, I stumbled upon your blog through your friend Dee's while google searching about adopting children with limb differences. I myself am an above knee amputee on the left side and I have decided to research adoption, preferably a child with a similar limb difference. I figured it would be better to start researching the adoption process early and read about other familys that have adopted to give me a better understanding before I am 100% ready to go abroad. That aside, I wanted to say I enjoyed reading about your family and how you have inspired me in a couple of choices I will make in the future. I'm in no way ready to adopt at this point in my life but I hope to before I'm 35, gives me 10 years to finish getting me together lol. Thank you for opening my eyes to the love you can give children from all ages and backgrounds. ♥