Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just another day (w/ a little FAS & RAD)

Today is Wednesday.  We got up this morning (late) to take the bunch to the post office.  Why?  Because Max & Irina need passports so we can fix their social security cards.  Long story  but I explained it in an earlier post.  Anyhow, got everyone ready & loaded the 8 in the car.  For some reason, I think everyone was grumpy this morning.  Got there and post office looked abandoned.  Our appointment was at 9:45 but it doesn't open until 10.  Hmm.  Anyhow, hung out in the post office and met a nice lady behind us.  She was great w/ the kids and kept them entertained.  Finished up w/ their passports.  BTW, they raised the passport fees as of July 13th 2010.  yep, just missed it.  So, the new fees for adults are $110 + $25.  Minors:  $80 + $25.  Just an FYI.  Office was not allowing anyone in except for parents & 2 kids getting passports.  She looks at the rest and says "well, they all look old enough to be okay out there."  Umm, no.  NOT kids w/ FAS.  They are NOT their age & do NOT act their age either.  I know folks don't know this & my kids can be "deceiving" when you first meet them b/c they'll act "normal" the first few minutes.  But, as other FAS parents are well aware, it only takes a minute for things to go south.  We stayed by the door w/ the little window to keep vigilent watch over the kids out the door.  I can not say enough of a thank you to Loralei.  The wonderful lady that just moved here from Arkansas.  She stayed w/ the kids while we were in there.  Her and her daughter Victoria.  How amazing was that?!  Right place, right time.  She kept them entertained while we finished up.  After we were done w/ the passports, we mailed some more dossier docs overnighted.

The ride home was filled w/ conversations.  You've got to love it.   Bojan said "what if God made everything whip cream?"  I swear, the stuff this kid comes up w/ drives me insane.   Conversations that came after were nothing short of strange.  Max said "then you'd just eat yourself."  After that, Alex decided he should share the "God sightings" that he shared at church.  Now, what the volunteers don't quite understand about my kids is they take everything literally.  VERY literally.  Anyhow, Alex said "well, she said I could share anything and that anything is a God sighting."  So, what does my son share?  He decides he should share about the time he swung the bag of glass around & cut himself up on the leg & needed stitches.  Wonder if he shared the reason he was collecting the glass & garbage in the yard in the first place.  He was being punished & had to collect the trash in the yard.  The rest of the kids were arguing in the car that that is NOT a God sighting.  I have to agree on that observation but Alex insisted the lady said anything counts.  That lesson for another day I'm sure.

Got home & the "littles" came over.  Since Warren had taken a half day, we decided to order everyone pizza.  So, loaded up a few of them and went to pick it up & stop off at the store for a few things.  'S' picked out some apples for us all & oranges.  I picked up some zucchini as ours in the garden did not produce.  All were excited that Warren actually picked up some soda.  Dropped of course before it's put into the cart.  All went well.  Warren was on his way to work.  Then I guess they decided it was time for me to have one of those chaos days.

I figured out who has been tampering w/ the garden.  My bug hunters....Nik & one of the "littles."  I'd suspected for awhile but today was confirmation.  They try to collect the dragonflies on top of the the middle of the garden.   While trampling the plants of course.  No biggie.  Life goes on.  Go inside & Alex & 'E' were just wired.  I swear I did not give either any caffeine shots.  LOL.  We seriously need a hamster wheel in this house.  Period.  I had just finished saying "NO running in the house or someone is going to get hurt."  Sure enough, 'E' runs into the couch full force & falls down on his head.  He was fine but still, shouldn't have happened if Alex & him weren't having so much dog gone fun as they both put it.  I hear "but mom, we're having fun" from Alex & "but, Ms. Stepanie(yes, the way he says it), Alex chase me & fun."  Had to go through the same spiel again about no running in the house, just outside. 

Now, Max wanted to go play at a friend's house.  Fine.  However, he decides he should argue w/ me in the car about having to wear a seatbelt.  Normally, as a parent of an FASer, I would have made him get out & stay home.  however, it was one of those days that I frankly had had enough already & didn't want to deal w/ it.  Weigh your battles.  Weigh your battles.  Plus, argument was very short-lived but in the grand scheme of things was really no big deal considering he put it on.  However, I was not very happy as he is not allowed to play mature games at all whether here or at someone else's house.  He was repeating stuff in the van on the way to church that he apparently played at his friend's house.  URGHH!!!  Hence, why it is banned in this house despite him being 15yo.  Remember, FASers are much, much less socially & developmentally immature.  They must have limits.

Max comes home.  Then, we have a "mean girl."  Ever see that movie?  Well, that was Yana today & currently she is being lectured by Warren.  Suffice it to say, we are extremely disappointed and I'm just not happy about the whole thing.  More on it later.  She started off w/ the RAD attitude but held it together. 

Drop them off at church.  Go to Walgreens to get milk.  Have a 15% off coupon that apparently wasn't good for dairy.  Figures.  Came home & relaxed a bit before picking them up.  Pick them up from church and again ask what they learned.  That God is w/ you all the time.  Fine, sounds reasonable.  Then it starts... the conversations.  Then, the fighting. Then we hear Alex bit me!  Warren says "Alex, keep your mouth shut.  Bojan, keep your stuff(hands, legs) away from Alex."  Bojan yells back "I'm not putting my stuff in his mouth!"   The older teens erupt in laughter, little ones having no idea what was really going on.  Thank goodness. 

Get home and told the kids to get baths.  You'd think we'd ask them to cut off arms.  Yes, the novelty of the new bathroom has worn off.  Everyone was wired.  I go to turn off the light in Nik & Alex's room & scream at Nik.  Why?  Because he literally has magnets all over his face & head.  On his ears, on his implant magnet, on his tongue, up his nose, in his ears, etc.  Did not want this day to end w/ an ER visit as well.  It is now 10:30 at night, and I have 6 children up.  Count them...6!  Thank God this is NOT groundhog day.  I would not survive.  LOL.  I am getting ready to workout.  Yes, I know it is late but this has to be done before I lose my mind.  I will wake up refreshed, renewed & hopefully, revived w/ a new attitude.  Okay, so that's my goal.  Whether or not that happens in the morning is yet to be seen.  Good night everyone and just here to remind everyone that these days happen here at Chaos Manor as well.  On an upside, we have been having a good time getting to know others at the church this week & look forward to tomorrow as well.  Pictures to come tomorrow as well.  For now, good evening.

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