Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Grass & gorillas

Time for something different for sure. 

Grass was incredibly overgrown in the back yard.  Partially b/c we have a drainage problem  Partially, due to laziness.  Hey, I believe in honesty here.

How can you mow if the mower is broken?  URGHH.  I had asked Bojan, Alex & Alyona to go pick up the backyard so the older kids don't mow over something.  They did it and then I asked them to go look again as it is tall grass & you most likely missed something.  They did.  Should have obviously had them go out a third time.  Maybe that would have done it.

Once grass is cut, it is raked up and spread on the bare spots.  Alyona is helping w/ that task.  Why she took her flip flops off, I don't know.  

Cleaning their room, they found a gorilla mask. It stirs up the animal in them all.  They look calm here, right?

And now, the gorillas attack!

After Nik was on the receiving end of the first attack, he decided to get even w/ Max.  This is Nik "attacking" Max.  Max is a great big brother pretending, don't you think?  

Yep, my kids like to goof around for sure.  I think some of that I'll miss when school starts.   Though, I can assure you, some of it I will not miss. 

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