Friday, August 20, 2010

Goofing around

After all the serious stuff about schools and what to do, I figured some goofing off is in order.  So, here's a few shots of some plain goofing around.

No idea what these three goofballs were doing or laughing about.  I seriously think my boys could have fun in the middle of a desert.

Alyona has wrapped up Nik like a cocoon and dragged him all over the house.  The stupid things my kids do for fun never ceases to amaze me.  

Another 2 of my goof balls.  These two love to tease each other but have fun doing it.  Very close.  What the change from a few years ago when Yana couldn't stand to look at him.  Seriously, she couldn't.  See, in Russia they are basically taught to look down upon certain disabilities.  So, Bojan's missing leg was quite an issue for her.  Was hard to take her out places b/c she'd make nasty looks at people in wheelchairs and everything.  Now, she doesn't even blink an eye at people w/ differences.  For 8 years of her life, she was raised to think one way.  Wasn't accepting of any differences.  At all.  Today, doesn't make a difference what you look like, what your disabilities are or anything.  See, a family can make a difference not only to a child but to the many people they will cross in their lives.  

More to come later.  Just busy today and we have Bojan's orientation tonight.  Not worried about that one really.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  We have a party to go to and are hosting a party this weekend.  Fun is sure to follow.  Then, a nice long nap on Sunday I hope.  Church is having a family retreat weekend so we're going next week to church again.  Time to make some calls and get backpacks filled up. 

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