Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fun faces of my kids

Found some random pictures of my kids and thought I'd share.  Working on another post but I have 2 kids here today so will be a later post.  We're going to story time today at the church.  Walmart later.  Plus, want to get a little more organized as the children I watch are getting older.  Thought it might be cool to to a little learning.  Well, fun learning I hope.  We'll see.  Anyhow, back to the pictures.  My kids some times like to take the camera and take pictures of themselves or each other.  the photos below are a mixture of that.  Just kind of silly stuff but thought you'd like to see the silly side. 

Irina being goofy.  she loves to take the camera and take pictures of herself.  Not vain, just trying to see what she looks like.  Irina is at the age where she is discovering different things.  She is aware of her FAS and has some lasting effects that she is trying to figure out.  Takes time.  She complains all the time that she hates her smile but I tell her it's nice.  Yeh, that doesn't mean a thing coming from mom.  

What a mischievious face!  He is also taking the picture of himself.

sorry for the blurriness.  I didn't take this shot.  Can you find Bojan amongst all the stickers?  Why he did this, I have no idea.  

I'm not sure what she was thinking in this picture.  Just know she doesn't look all that happy.  She just came in from swimming as that's her cover-up.  This may have been the day the boys were in the pool and she was chased out.  This is the one that is longing for another sister to play with.  We're working on it, I promise!  

Alex looks half dead.  LOL.  Yana is always there w/ a pose of some sort for the camera.  She's tries to help Alex most of the time as she knows Alex has some serious issues.  She helps him when he gets himself scrambled.  Behind them is a new bulletin board we hung up.  .50 at a yardsale thank you.  Has are punishment system in the middle of it for all to see.  We have slacked off on that during the summer and it shows.  The other papers are school supply lists and welcome letters.  I started hanging up the done ones.  

Well, those were a few random pictures I found of the kids.  I have so,so much more to share and to tell.  We have some serious stuff going on and will tell you about some of it in another post.  We are missing one piece from our homestudy.  It is frustrating right now.  Again, more later.  For now, getting ready to go to story time at church, make lunch, have craft time, nap time, go for a walk/ outside play, and then Irina & Max will be home shortly after that.  enjoy your day everyone.  Stay tuned for more posts of what's happening at Chaos Manor. 

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  1. Great pictures of your kids!! You are so organized - I need to do that!! We are also waiting for our Homestudy report to get completed for adoopting siblings from Estonia.

    Best wishes,