Friday, August 20, 2010


I know I've missed a thoughtful Thursday and a Flabulous to Fabulous friday post but it has been one zany week.  But, glad to know we've made it out alive and ready for the weekend!  Even have the watermelon to prove it.  LOL.  Well, we have some cleaning to do for the party tomorrow at our house.  We are having a cook out with some other families in the area that have some special kiddos too.  Can't wait to meet some new faces and hear some awesome stories.  Always gives us a new perspective to talk to other parents.  Very refreshing. 

Today we were getting organized.  Checked on some last pieces of the puzzle to finish this homestudy once and for all.  So hard to wait when you want to be done yesterday.  Adoption teaches us patience for sure.  Not that 7 kids won't teach you that anyhow.  We were all doing stuff when I decided to glance at Bojan's classroom letter.  Well, I thought it started at 5:30.  Nope, ended at 5:30.  It was 3:20.  When does this orientation start you ask?  Why 3:30 of course.  Tell them to throw clothes on that aren't so dirty...they'd been playing outside..... and get in the van.  Only took 3 w/ me. 

Bojan meets his teacher.  Well, one of them.  Remember, we have this "team" approach now.  My tongue is bleeding from biting it so much right now.  Anyhow, she was nice and interesting tidbit is her husband is from Serbia.  Bojan thought that was cool b/c frankly, you don't meet many folks around here from Serbia.  Maybe he can pick his Serbian back up again.  Asked the teacher about the classes and read her letter.  Then, I figured I'd ask.  I said "is this class an inclusion class as there is no mention of that on here."  Well, this block is indeed an inclusion class.  So, the school never thought parents should know that I guess.  In NONE of the handouts she gave.  I just nodded and continued to fill out the paperwork but thinking inside very loudly.  If it really isn't that big of a deal, how come they feel they shouldn't have to inform the parents what is going on?  I just don't get it.  I really don't.  I know Bojan will excel in any class he's in, I really just don't think having teachers walk all around the room while the other one is teaching is a good idea.  Another parent today told me the same exact thing. She said her child is going to be totally distracted.   Again, we're going to go w/ the flow b/c we really have no choice as of right now.  Though, I know homeschooling again appears to be in our future.  Bottom line out of the meeting was she is a nice lady the few minutes I met her.  I was bummed that she won't be his soul teacher.  Just a teacher for a certain block of time.  Was also kind of bummed that she wanted a $16 binder for class.  Sorry, can't do that.  I think a binder in elementary school is kind of goofy anyhow.  They are kids.  Not middle school kids yet, not high school kids yet.  Don't understand why the teachers keep trying to prep them for an older world when they are just kids.  It used to be elementary school until 6th grade.  Now, it's 5th grade.  Used to switch classes in high school & middle school.  Now told this year they want to switch classes in elementary to prepare them for middle school.  Where is the logic here?  Let them grow up naturally at their own pace.  Allow them to be kids for once.  I just don't understand the rush and when  I mention it I get well it's better for testing scores. 

Memory lane here.  I remember going to school and having enthusiastic teachers that taught until the last day of school.  Yes, we had testing but we sure as heck didn't take the test booklets home a month to practice prior to the test.  We didn't have test practice sessions nor could we retake the test at the end of the year.  However, with such great teachers, we learned and took the test and moved on.  No, we didn't switch classes or have state of the art computers to help us.  It was knowledge and creative thinking of the teachers.  Great teachers.  I think they have great teachers today but feel they are greatly under utilized due to rules that have come about of how they are to teach & what they are to teach.  Sad really.  Every year it is something new to help w/ test scores.  Every year.  Oh,they need more computers, that will do it.  Oh, they need a team teacher approach, that will do it.  Oh, we need more class time, that will do it.  No, it won't.  They just need to let the teachers do the job they were meant to do & capable to do. I whole-heartedly believe we have wonderful teachers here who could work w/ kids to reach their fullest potential.  However, I feel they are really held back by the administration that they are required to follow.  What to teach, how to teach, etc.  I believe in our kids and our teachers and just think what is happening in the schools is ashame.  They always try and come up w/ some newest and greatest thing.  How about going back to the original way of teaching.  I think our generation learned a great deal.  Do you know I had a teacher tell me the other night that the kids don't really need to do research any more or learn how as they have google and everything on line now.  I was shaking my head.  BTW, this was a high school teacher at West. 

Sorry to have rambled but Warren & I believe education is extremely important for a child.  It is their path to the future.  We take every change seriously and try to do what is best for each of the kids.  Orientation is again on Monday night.  I have a call in to fix Yana's schedule.  No call back yet but waiting.  School starts next Wednesday.  I would lie if I said I wasn't nervous about this year.  However, I will face it with an open mind(as best I can), and give things a chance.  yet, I will be ever so vigilent if things start to go wrong.  It is my job as a parent to help my kids reach their fullest potential no matter what the school setting is.  Have a wonderful weekend.  I'm looking forward to some great parties. 

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