Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dossier docs

For those new to the adoption process, you have this packet of papers called a dossier to send over to the country you are wishing to adopt from.  It is filled with everything from FBI fingerprints to photos of your home to income information to the all important homestudy.  It is a plethera(no idea how to spell that word) of information.  Your life is on all these pages for someone else to determine if your life is "good enough" to adopt one of these precious gems from their country.  The dossier is a HUGE step after the homestudy.  We actually gather docs during the homestudy.  We try our best to collect docs as late as possible as all documents in these countries expire.  That's right folks, those fingerprints expire despite them being on your hands your entire life.  Oh well, you do what they say, smile and know it is all worth it in the end b/c your children are outside searching for bugs together.  Well, mine are this morning. 

These are just some of the documents for our adoption.  Not many in this stack but doing a little at a time helps to keep order.  Yes, those are clean clothes on the floor waiting to be folded.  I put these here as the dining room table was covered (don't ask) in jelly.  I refuse to have another sticky, stained document going to any official party.  These were safe temporarily as the kids were outside.  

We have very few documents left to gather.  In fact, we are just waiting on the homestudy.  Keeping fingers & toes crossed that all will go well this week.  Any prayers, thoughts, good vibes our way regarding approval of the homestudy is very welcomed.  We are SO ready to move forward with all this.  

Kids are outside looking for lizards.  Again.  They all just had snack and ate an entire bag of oranges.  I need a farm to keep up w/ their eating habits here.  LOL.  Warren had a rough night sleeping.  Unfortunately, one of our kids still does the orphanage rock thing.  Against the wall.  Above our bedroom.  Thump-thump, thump-thump.  Bojan did this all night last night.  URGHH.  I did not hear it but for some reason I woke up at 5:20.  Though I should have been productive and gone to work out, I just laid there hoping I'd fall back asleep.  No such luck.  Just one of those rough nights.  Started w/ Nik throwing up all over.  Not sick, just full.  Seriously.  Full.  Alex was then paranoid about Nik sleeping w/ him and Alex "catching" it.  Alex has severe PTSD and illness drives him batty.  Simple things for some of our kids can turn into a real big ordeal depending upon their mental health issues.   Fun, huh?  NO.  Just one night like this though won't kill anyone.  Thank goodness.  We survived, we moved onto today and now we're getting on w/ things.  11 kids here today.  Getting ready to take the "littles" on a walk and Alyona.  VBS is tonight so busy w/ that.  Had a lot of fun talking w/ others at the church last night and getting to know folks.  Tomorrow is getting passports for Irina and Max to start the process to fix their social security cards.  Trying to decide what to do for the weekend.  We'll see what comes up.  Got to go walk.  Enjoy your day everyone.  Tons going on this month.  

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  1. Good Luck with your final step of your homestuday!! We have our 1st homestudy visit on August 10th - YAY!! I know what you mean about all the documents too. Since this is our 2nd/3rd adoptions we already know what documents that we need and hopefully we are ahead of the process. Best wishes for speedy process!! ;-)