Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Doc visit update

As I said earlier, Bojan had an appointment today at Duke.  One of the best hospitals in the nation.  Umm, except for wait times that is.  I have been to many a doctors appointments w/ these kids and this has been the longest wait for a relatively simple appointment.  Appointment was at 2.  We left about 5:30.  Anyhow, a few docs saw Bojan and got a new x-ray.  For now, leaving the stump alone.  Doc thinks it's his socket.  I totally disagree but I am not the professional here, am I?  We just had his new socket made in June.  I doubt it is the socket causing the lump on the side of his stump but again, I'm not the professional here.  They did not x-ray that leg. 

Now, the clubfoot leg.  He does agree he needs surgery.  However, he's not sure he can fix much due to all the scarring and previous surgeries.  But, he will definitely try and the lifting of the bone on the top part will help.  It will not give him more flexion but will help him to walk.  So, that is good.  Now, the toe that is all crossed over they are not going to amputate b/c they are afraid of the others "filling" in the gaps.  I can see that but previous surgeon discussed amputating that toe.  All in all, I think the surgery will give him the ability to walk a bit better.  Looks like though this may be the last surgery they could ever do on this leg.  And that's fine.  Frankly, Bojan was ready for an amputation this time around but I do understand trying to do whatever it takes to save a foot on a kid.  In a few years, he'll definitely be ready.  For now, it is surgery on the clubfoot leg.

We don't know when the surgery will be.  He'll be out of commission for 6 weeks. Yikes!  He's done it before so not worried.  Need some hand crutches though.  Afterwards, in an AFO for night time usage.  I'm glad something is being done but am very skeptical at the moment that this will change a lot.  But, w/ him falling more and having more pain, something has to be done.  This is our second opinion btw.  The first doc is  a bit nervous I think due to Alyona's botched surgery job he had done on her.  Yet, he has done fine w/ all Bojan's surgeries.  I can see why he'd be nervous though:

This was Alyona's arm AFTER it was out of the cast.  Yes, still broken from where the plates snapped in her arm.

Another view of her arm.  She has permanent damage on this arm btw.

This is infection on the top of her arm.  It was so hard to walk out of the doc office w/ NO protection for her and a broken arm still.  It is a long story for another day but want you to know why we got a second opinion for Bojan and a bit of history on what had happened to Alyona.

Anyhow, Bojan's surgery will be scheduled next week.  Hoping surgery will be in September sometime but there is no telling.  The nurse is on vacation and will call me back next week some time to schedule surgery.  So, we will have 2 surgeries coming up soon.  Irina probably needs another sinus surgery but holding off on that one until maybe spring.  Her OCD is too high to have surgery right now.  Trust me, she's ripped stitches open before.  

Hope to keep everyone healthy, get these surgeries done and have medical calm for awhile.  No surprise appendectomies this year please.  LOL.  Just wanted to give you a brief update on what went on today and what surgeries we are doing.  It has been extremely busy here this week already.  I need to workout tonight still.  School situation is a nightmare right now.  More on that one maybe tomorrow.  Life is never dull here but somehow we manage to tackle one thing at a time and have time for fun.  Okay, so this week probably won't be much fun but we're getting stuff done.  Kids have a b-day party this weekend and we are hosting a party this weekend too.  Have a great evening everyone.

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