Saturday, August 7, 2010

A demilitarized zone!-- LOL

Yep, that is what my boys seem to live in at times.  Alright, I pretty much let them have free roam during the day & pick up before bed.  However, w/ VBS this week, frankly, we have just fallen off the wagon and chaos has resulted upstairs.  The boys asked if they could make a fort upstairs w/ the bunks.  Sure, what could happen?  Umm, think mom BEFORE you say yes to any ideas your sons have.  Here is what I found:

Yep, that is the fort in question.  That burgandy colored thing is the rug from the floor.  Nice touch, don't you think?  BTW, that is Alex & a friend shooting at me as I enter the room.... they shot me w/ nerf darts.  

This is a shot of most of the room floor.  There is also another section to this room that goes back to the right.  I've told them at this point it is a fire/ safety hazard issue.  So we have to pick it all up mom?  Yes, Alex...all of it.  Notice the stop light on the door?  Nik made that when Irina was taking Driver's Ed.  IRina made one so Nik wanted to.  I'll have to take an after shot of this room.  It does look better though still needs some work.

This is w/ 2 boys in it.  What on earth kind of demilitarized zone will we have with 5 boys in it!?  Yep.  As a temporary solution, we're moving all 5 boys in here, have the 3 young girls in the back room, and Irina and Yana will remain in their separate rooms downstairs.  this will allow us time to work on a solution for housing them all.  Our plan is dependent on the monetary situation of course.  IF we have enough next year(spring), we'll add on a garage w/ rooms above it.  If not, we'll simply convert the garage to a room for the girls as it is already mostly done.  Have to float a floor & change out the garage door.  Time will tell.  These rooms upstairs are 500 sq. ft. a piece so not like their cramped for space.  Only if it looks like the above picture.  LOL.  

Had a good day so far and talk about it more later and another FAS post coming up.  Life w/ an FAS child will be coming soon.  Never dull, I can tell you that much!  Have a great evening everyone. 

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  1. WOW!!!!! That is a serious mess. Leave it to boys