Monday, August 2, 2010

Critters & children

Seems like every time I turn around, my kids are bringing something in the door that does not actually live here.  I swear we could be the Wild Thornberry's & they'd be happy as all get out.  They truly would be in their element...the great outdoors.  Below are just some of the critters they've had in the last week here.

This one was on the car.  Nice leaf camoflouge if you notice.  This was the day it was 117 heat index & my kids are still sweating collecting bugs.  We burn through several of these bug collecting kits a year.  Better than all my storage containers they used to use.

It's bad enough they collect stuff from our yard but Irina brought this one home from the neighbor's yard!  Yet to figure out if it is a squirrel or a possum.  Just know it was dead when they found it.  

Notice that this is NOT the bug collecting container.  Ahh, another container of mine lost to the frogs this time.  They put grass & stuff in to make it more like "home" I'm told.

Warren & I went to do errands the other day.  Came home & found this on our kitchen counter.  there are 7 of them in there!  Yes, 7.  I guess they wanted one for each kid.  They covered it w/ plastic wrap & put a giant hole in the top.  They were rather sad that I wouldn't let them keep the new pets.

I'm sure the neighbors don't know what to think somedays.  It's never too cold, too hot, too snowy, too sunny, or too rainy to catch critters around here at Chaos Manor.  Alyona is in her pajamas, Nik has unfortunately worn those clothes more than one day despite getting a bath and of course it is raining.  No idea why the empty birdfeeder is on the ground back there.  Oh well.  Maybe a not so proud parenting moment here but at least they're learning about nature.  Does that count?  LOL.    My kids love the great outdoors.  Even a rainy day can't keep them inside.  Enjoy your day folks.

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