Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Can your daughter cut hair?

Neither can mine but that didn't stop her!!!  Figures.  A week before school starts and Irina decided to cut Alyona's hair.  Yes, I was home.  Yes, I was awake.  But, as any other FAS parent will tell you, there is no cause & effect thinking, no impulse control, and poor judgement involved.  We live in a state of hypervigilence in this home yet this type of thing happens day in and day out.  No lie.  I just don't write about all the little things.  Like how this morning we all went on a "hunt" for our medicals to send w/ the dossier.  You know, the ones already done by the doctor & notarized.  URGHH.  But, my OCD daughter was on the war path again & cleaned house yesterday while we were away at Bojan's appointment.  Sure enough, she cleaned those up too. Thank God she didn't throw them out.  I need to get them sent off.  She cleans up when she is nervous or her anxiety is high.  Well, school starts next week so that is the trigger.  She has cleaned out all my cabinets in the kitchen.  Throwing away an expensive pan though is NOT helping.  It's costing me money.  I have to usually dig through the garbage after one of her cleaning episodes.  Yes, she is a candidate to be a minimalist. 

Anyhow, back to today.  Max has decided to put up the new bunkbeds.  Yes, Warren will test before any children will use them.  LOL.  They are put together wrong, I can already tell but don't feel like fighting about it right now.  But what has driven me crazy today is that Irina decided for whatever known reason known to man, to CUT Alyona's hair.  She looks like a POW.  It's ridiculous.  I'll ask if the hairdresser can fix it.  She didn't do so bad on the bottom part but the bangs are hideous.  There are more "FAS moments" as I call them that have occurred over the last few days but just can't tell all at the moment.  Just know, I have finally decided I can't wait till school starts!  Nik has killed way too many insects lately.  Bojan's sense of humor is getting on my last nerve.  And the list goes on.  I had a great summer w/ them but I can honestly say, it's time for school to start and S-O-O-N. 

The whole school situation right now is a nightmare.  I will have a whole post on that & what inclusion has done to my kids.  It's right for some but not for all.  I was apparently NOT the only parent in this county to call and gripe & complain about how wrongly we were notified of a changed process.  Teachers that were teaching last year can no longer b/c of new NCLB rules.  It's crazy.  More to come on that topic later though.  more pictures too I think. 

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