Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Busy, busy day

For staying home, this has just been one heck of a day.  Got a lot accomplished but still so much more to do.  Haven't heard from the surgical schedulers yet for Nik.  Hope to this week.  Got Bojan's records transferred to Duke for a second opinion and to decide what to do w/ his legs.  He has two major surgeries we will need to attend to.  His appt. is next week.  Yana's migraines have gone away so we are good there.  For now, everyone else is fine w/ doc appts. 

One major issue I'm trying to tackle is schooling for Irina.  She is taking the occupational track in high school for special needs.  Now, they have just built a new high school that we are indeed districted for.  However, she is not allowed to attend as they will not have an OCS program there this year.  yet, they will have one there next year.  I didn't really want to homeschool her for just one year but looks like I may have no option.  Returning her to the "prison-like run" school will devastate her.  See, there are no self-contained classrooms in high school.  And though I know some disagree w/ me, inclusion in some instances is very, very bad.  Irina is a sweet soul and compassionate for others.  Very hard worker and self-motivated.  In the regular setting last year, she is called retarded, and stupid & a whole host of other things.  So, then she didn't ask questions.  Sat alone at lunch at times.  NOT the high school years I dreamed for her.  Another in her class harassed her and others as well.  Told the school.  Nothing done.  School as a whole got so bad w/ theft they had to install security cameras.  Many teens have died at that school.  Mostly driving accidents.  Big scandal w/ the band director and all that went on there.  The list could go on for pages worth here but won't waste your time.  Just want you to know why I don't want Irina to go here and why she was distraught the entire year.  However, she wants to go to the new Cleveland Highschool that we are districted for.  They may have an OCS program but not till next year in 11th grade.  So plan is to try to homeschool her possibly this year w/ her attending the new public high school next year.  Max is going to this new high school.  Now, this is the plan as she doesn't want to go back to school & frankly, I don't want her to go back.  Plus, I have a feeling they'd stick her on the special needs bus and she doesn't need that.(the kids that are on that bus are severally behaviorally challenged and such.  She has told me some things & know she could not be in there w/ some of them)  Their excuse for this would be it is only the OCS students that are staying here.  I can't take & pick her up b/c I just took on some new kids today for the school year.  Babysitting.  I just have to get busy w/ a homeschooling plan.  I have requested from the special needs central office for them to tell me what I need her to do for the year for her classes to transfer over to the new school.  They said I need to talk to the high school.  Well, principal there does not like us (incident back at an elementary school years ago where she accused me of something falsely).  The vp always went to our IEP meetings at the high school.  Well, informed today he no longer works there but at another elementary school.  Fine.  Still need those classes that she'll need.  School starts Aug. 25th.  So, figuring out what to do from here.  Cooperation w/ schools here is pretty much nill for special needs parents.  Trust me, it's a battlefield and it shouldn't have to be.  We have wonderful teachers but the admins in these IEP meetings & the legal counsel they have make it near impossible to get the required help the kids need.  Dealing w/ the schools is way, way more stressful than dealing w/ any of our kids' medical situations that arise. 

I will be watching another child during the day.  One other reason I was not planning on having any homeschoolers this year.   So, I'm currently trying to figure out what I need to teach Irina to transfer over next year.  Irina is a self-motivator so this works to my advantage.  Also, trying to plan out what I want to do with the children I watch.  Already have some outings I think we'll do weekly.  And, there are great craft sites out there.  Helps that they are around the same age.  Worked better last year when we followed a schedule.  Just need to make sure I fit homeschool into it.  Which, may have Irina do some on her own during the day and spend about 2 hours w/ her at night if need be for other stuff.  Again, learning.  I'm learning how to balance things. 

Bojan got invited to attend an event w/ other prosthetists & amputees & athletes in September.  Think we're all going to go.  It's September 11th and not far from here.  Lots of other little things going on that are too boring to tell you all about.  LOL.  Just know, we're keeping very busy here.  This weekend we are planning on going to a life sciences museum.  Cool place.  Some of our kids haven't been so thought it would be a great idea.  Then next weekend if all goes well, a trip to the beach.  Haven't told the kids that one yet.  After that, school starts and we'll be very busy w/ that.  Busy but a good busy which is wonderful.  More to tell and some more picture posts to catch up on. 

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