Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boys have a bathroom!

Finally, the boys have a bathroom.  After 4 years of trying to get this bathroom finished, it is.   When our friends came to help us install the windows, they also helped us finish the bathroom upstairs.  VERY excited about it all as all that is left is decorating.(waiting for fall yardsales)  So, here are some pictures of the finished bathroom.

You walk in the door & face forward, you see the bookcase.  Eventually we'll put towels and such on the shelves.  Bojan's handrail(laying on the shelf) is now up and functioning just fine.  

Sink is on the left as you first walk in the door.  This is  a small bathroom w/ a weird angle but we made it work.  Chose a very muted grayish blue color.  Not too girlish or boyish.  Perfect as we'll have both girls & boys up there temporarily.  

part of the shower.  sorry, picture was taken before all the caulk was cleaned off the walls.  Kids think it feels like a hotel shower & I have to agree.  Bojan can sit down in this shower which he loves.  

Just another view so you can see the angles.  Not really a bathroom made for big people.  LOL.  But, works for the kids and that's all that counts.  Plus, plenty of room in the shower for sure.

If you look in the previous picture, you see a bunch of little things on the white shower curtain.  Nik was NOT too sure about this shower curtain and the close-up gives you the reason why.  For those new, Nik was stung about 30 times two years ago.  He is not too keen on bees.  

That's our new bathroom upstairs for the kids.  Boys have been very pleased w/ having a bathroom of their own and it has helped immensely w/ nighttime bath rituals.  Love it.  Need to get going.   Kids are all fighting over the "best" seat for the movie today.  URGHH.  More later.  We have VBS this week so just been a little late & too busy to write on here. 

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  1. Definitely a great way to use that space. Love all the room for storage on the shelf.