Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blessings abound

I needed something a bit upbeat as last night  was about all I could handle.  Last post recounted a day that never seemed to end and little things happening here and there.  Well, I never did get that workout in, and the monster storm moved in.  This was probably a little close to intensity of some of the hurricanes we've endured over the years.  The dog went spastic.  Warren, Alyona, me, and Irina sat in the living room w/ Bear for the couple hours it was over us.  Flashes of lightening so bright it hurt your eyes while they were closed.  So, we woke up this morning rather sleepy but that's okay.  No big deal.  Irina is helping a neighbor watch kids today so she is not here.  Speech therapist came & wondered why I looked so tired.  Yes, it is that obvious.  Anyhow, remember me saying my kids take things very literally and we really have to watch w/ what is said in church to them.  Well, Alex was told to collect money.  Mind you he takes a few words and runs w/ it.  So this morning, what does he do?  Why he steals money from the rest of the family!  Yep.  In his eyes, that is collecting.  URGHH!!!  Not the day I really wanted to explain the difference but I had to.  I know the church means well & trying to teach the kids but for my kids they just don't get it.  Brain damage in some FAS kids is just too much to process certain information.  Alex is one of these kids.  I appreciate him wanting to collect money for the church but he definitely went about it the wrong way.  Lessons.  Learning lessons.

Now, that is a mouthful.  Don't get me wrong, this week hasn't been filled w/ bad things, just one of those weeks filled w/ lessons here and there.  And life is always good if you're still learning lessons.  Now, for the title.  Thought I'd find some of the good this week since I sounded so doom and gloom.

Summer flowers are still in full bloom and great way to walk up into your home.  Love flowers and you just can't help but smile when you see fresh flowers in bright colors.  These impatients spread further and further every single year.  Love it. 

Wanted to tell you about a few of the blessings we've experienced the last few weeks.  We have had friends come in scorching heat to help us install windows.  We have had friends take the four youngest kids so that we could do that.  I was wondering how I would clothe everyone this year and looking for the best deals.  Shoes for 7 are not the cheapest thing in the world.  Someone contacted me out of the blue and asked if I had anyone a certain size that could use brand new sneakers.  Max was beyond thrilled.  Had another lady ask if we wanted her boy's clothes.  She has given us clothes before as well.  What is even better is that her dad had recently retired from the YMCA and had a bunch of girls' clothes from the lost & found that no one had claimed.  She asked him not to throw them out & see if I wanted them first.  They also have a mattress for us as well.  

though he doesn't look happy in the picture, he wasn't having a bad day.  LOL.  Just didn't catch him smiling and he just finished working in the 115 degree heat that day.  But, Max still helped out to carry the beds in.  Yes, we were blessed w/ a set of bunkbeds for the new kids.  These will go in the front room and then the new girls will get Max's old set of bunks.  We'll spray paint it white.  These beds even came w/ the mattresses.  

In addition to some clothing, furniture and a pair of shoes, we were also blessed by a lady at church named Ginger.  We'll go later this week and pick up some food from her house.  Her husband works for a company and if anything is dented, overstocked, etc. , the stores just get rid of it.  She has given us things before and it is great as this is all snack food that the kids can use in the upcoming school year.  Well, anytime for that matter but it truly does help.  

During an adoption, costs are always a big factor.  Though you have enough to support new children, you are always scrimping and saving and trying to pay for dossier fees, immigration stuff, travel, etc.  Being blessed w/ things at no costs definitely helps to offset the adoption expenses we incur during this time.  Once school is in session, I will most likely definitely get into fundraising for the adoption again.  We have the majority that we borrowed but still guessing at least $10K will be needed just in airline travel alone.  So soon I'll do some giveaways and maybe even have a pancake breakfast.  Who knows.  Need to take care of some of the kids' surgeries first.  Bojan and Nik mainly.  After that, I'll feel confident I can fundraise w/out the worry of kids & surgeries.  Hope that made sense.  I'm still tired from the storm.  

Guess I'm writing saying that the little things that people are generous with are helping us immensely and allowing us to cut some costs so that other money can be used for the adoption expenses.  This weekend is also tax-free weekend here.  So, we have gone through the kids' closets and know what they need and don't need.  Taking some shopping tomorrow & of course for some school supplies.  It's amazing that in adoption journeys, the big question of how are we going to do all this is somewhat answered along the way.  Bits and pieces here and there.  Every little bit helps and for everyone who has blesses us with either volunteering, donations, clothing, etc., know that it does not go unnoticed and in turn, you are also helping to bring three children home from an orphanage that really do need a family.  Thanks for being a part of the process even though I know some of you don't think what you do is a big deal.  Trust me, it is.  A little goes a long way.  It really does.  Whatever we don't use, we always pass onto someone else as well.  I truly believe in paying it forward.  Enjoy your day everyone.  This is the last night of VBS.  We plan on hanging out at the church for a bit this evening getting to know some other folks. 

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