Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back to school pics (teens)

I had posted pictures but not of the teens.  One reason is they got up too early.  Other reason is I forgot to put the chip back in the camera.  So, a day late taking them but here they are. 

Irina, our now 10th grader.  She is begging us to be homeschooled still and we will most likely grant that wish.  It is extremely difficult for FAS children to fit in at school.  It is true of all our FASers.  Typically, they have friends much younger which is fine but in high school it tends to be a social taboo.  Sad really.  We're exploring options and she knows she has to give it a month.  First week is hard for any student.  Not just special needs students.

Max, our freshman(9th grade) this year.  Can't believe he's growing up so fast.  Really is amazing.  He has a love for art and a compassionate art.  He is struggling now too with school and has also asked to come home.  Giving it a month.  I've homeschooled Max & Irina before.  But, this weekend Max found where he truly fits in and I will share more of that later in another post.  

Yana, our trouble maker 8th grader.  This one is going to give us a run for our money this year, I guarantee it.  Hoping she'll prove me wrong.  We'll see.  She is starting off academically on the right foot so that is awesome.  She is the only teen that wants to stay in school but do to some social issues we have w/ her, I may have to pull her from public school.   

I'm excited that the older kids are in school.  I really want them to gain some knowledge and learn new and exciting things.  I want them to have fun w/ friends and try things they haven't tried before(okay, I'm talking sports or clubs here folks!).  Yana wants to try out for track.  I do believe she has a shot at it too.  Max wants to work in art.  Irina wants to work w/ animals.  As they get older, we want them to make decisions.  We are just here to guide and reassure.  I want them to be independent adults so this is a huge changing year for everyone.   

All 3 went to youth group tonight for the first time.  Irina and Yana had a blast.  Max, didn't like it.  Got to remember though, Max really is our "loner" & doesn't enjoy crowds at all.  It may have been too much too soon for him.   I do know Irina and Yana are definitely going back.  Very happy for them to find fellowship w/ other peers.  

Lots more to tell.  But it's late.  Only 2 tots here tomorrow.  Plan to be outside quite a bit w/ them.  Supposed to be sunny.  Enjoy your week.  Hoping for some good news this week so keep those prayers and good vibes coming for a homestudy approval soon.  ONE piece of paper left.  Feels great though as this would be a huge, huge step forward.  Rest of dossier is ready to go.  I'll keep you all posted.  I know this week is going to be incredibly busy though. 

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  1. I am glad the kids are adjusting to their first week of school and youth group! Good luck on you homestudy approval - I know what you are going through - we have our 2nd (final) visit tomorrow with the social worker and are waiting on only two documents. After we get the documents then we are done and should get our homestudy approved. Fingers crossed for both of us!!
    Best Wishes,