Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And...they're off!!!

To school that is.  Today was the first day of school here.  Yikes.  As some on here know, we are trying to determine when we will homeschool all of them.  yes, all of them.  Lots to plan and do before we pull them out.  I would like them to go another 6 months but I dare say some will last that long.  Due to all the changes in the public schools here, it would be tough on them and us to allow them to stay.  I need them to reach their fullest potential and feel that they may have more options at home to do that.  I also don't like cutting out history and science for my kids just b/c they are in special education.  For now though, they have started school.  I really can hardly wait to hear how their day went.  Started way, way too early and I am honestly ready for a nap.  Took a few pictures from this morning.  Did not get any of Yana.  Tell you more on why she is grounded in another email.  She tried to go out of the house w/ pants that literally looked like they were painted on.  These were not the new fashionable "skinny jeans" that are ever so popular.  No.  These I can honestly say looked like she had smooth thermal underwear on that were 10 sizes too small.  Not kidding.  Ridiculous!  She borrowed them from a friend who is not the same size as Yana.  Again, more on the clothing drama & everything else later.  Just wanted to explain why she wasn't in pictures.

Can't believe Max actually got up on time.  Maturity may be setting in.  Irina and Max getting ready for school at o' dark thirty in the morning.  5:30 am is just too early imo.  But, they did it and did just fine.  Nothing fancy for breakfast this morning I'm afraid.  Just oatmeal and milk.  Boring.  Sorry kids.  It was a long night.  

You can't tell just how nervous she is.  She is in 10th grade this year.  

You can't tell it yet but Alex is ready for his first day of school meltdown.  Always a way to kick off the day.  Why so mad?  B/c we wouldn't let him wear shoes that had no souls on the bottom.  Then mad b/c his friend has a mohawk & we won't let Alex.  Alex's hair is not meant for that.  Max & Bojan's hair yes.  Alex & Nik's hair is way too fine.  Oh, and then he tried to be sneaky after our backpack checks.  With RADishes in the house, we have to do this.  Anyhow, he tried to take the silly bandz.  Luckily, the other kids had it together this morning and were actually ready early.  Shoot, Alyona's even watching the news.

The elementary kids together.  Alex is trying hard not to smile just for me.  

No idea what he's doing w/ his arm.  This is Nik, the first grader.

Alex, our 3rd grader.  Yep, still not smiling for mom.  Silly bandz and shoes did him in this time.  Maybe next year I'll get a smile.

Alyona, our now 4th grader and still my girlie girl.  Yes, the hack job Irina did on her hair a few days ago is still evident.  Oh well, it will grow back.

Bojan, our now 5th grader.  He is really growing up this year and so hard to believe it is his last year at elementary school.  He has come so far and can't wait to see what the year has in store for him.  Should be wonderful.  

That was a quick glimpse of the start of school.  I have more pictures from it but just don't have the time.  I literally have been signing papers all afternoon.  Getting ready to workout at nearly 10 at night.  Hate that late workout.  Top of that, have realized we now have 1 roll of toilet paper in the house and with 9 of us (well, 10 as we have a house guest), that can not be a good thing.  So, off to Wally World in a bit.  Usually we keep stacks and stacks.  Just been too crazy busy I guess.  Alex had a hard day today and it showed after school.  I do not think the team teacher approach will work for him at all.  He was a nightmare this afternoon.  Even the speech therapist for Nik saw it.  FAS kids have a hard enough time w/ transition and this is making it all the more difficult for him.  Already have a note to the teacher and will be calling an IEP meeting later this week.  Have to compose the note first.  I refuse to let my child miss out on social studies and science.  I still have another post just working on it.  My time is extremely limited since I babysit during the day.  Still working out a schedule for everyone.  Have a great evening and can't believe we've started school. 

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