Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What's broken???

Living with FAS children, you come to expect the unexpected and sometimes you don't even question why or how something breaks.  Seriously.  In our house, it is the norm.  Hence, why we don't keep a lot of expensive things here--LOL.  This past weekend we had to finally replace some things.  Yet, there was a huge chunk of things that broke this past weekend.  Here's a list of what we've had to replace or that needs replacing:  a leather kids' chair, 2 blenders, 1 gridle, the entire crop of peppers in the garden, 2 bubble wands(brand new), steel rake, box springs, laundry basket, back deck stairs, guard around the trampoline, hammock, large planter, blinds, front door handle & I can't remember what else.  Now, in all fairness, the leather chair and gridle are just plain worn out.  The blenders were ruined by Irina.  Not intentionally of course.  But, she was just trying to help.  Ahh, the word help again.  She has severe OCD and loves to clean.  Problem is sometimes she cleans a little too much.  Blender was a case in point.  I have no unearthly idea why or how someone snuck into the garden & yanked off all the little peppers starting to grow.  Not an animal, you could tell.  No one has fessed up yet.  URGHH!!!  the two new bubble wands were Nik and Alyona.  Playing too hard.  Of course.  The steel rake was broken by Bojan trying to do something stupid I'm sure.  You have to understand Mr. Drama King as to why I call it a stupid act.  Trust me on this.  Everyone can attest to the actor even his friends' parents!  The kids explained it yet not exactly sure what he was doing.  He was supposed to be raking.  Got to love it.  He was the one who also broke the back steps.  The front door handle has already been replaced once.  Lots of usage.  Max fixed it this time.  Love our little handy man.  The hammock we've had for a few years and absolutely love it.  All of us go there.  Some to read, some to relax and some to just get away from it all.  It's great.  Still works but it is fraying where you need it to hold & know it is a matter of time before it breaks off from where it is hanging.

Now, some things that are intentionally done by our kids, we make them replace.  Whether it was lack of cause and effect thinking or not.  For example, Alex threw the ball the other week & Alyona grabbed it and purposefully stabbed it w/ the scissors.  She claims it was an accident.  Umm, no.  It wasn't. So, yesterday, part of her birthday money went to replace the beach ball she busted.  Not much but still a lesson had to be learned.  Other things broken around here are just from either not knowing or some from over use w/ the number of people here.  things will break.  Just part of life.  Most things, we don't get upset at.  The more expensive things well, it is really hard to say that's okay, we'll just get another one.  Example, the pool liner last year.  Or the back doors the year before that.  They were double doors to the outside and were locked.  Even though Irina is old enough to be home alone, she can't handle it.  I was late coming home from an appointment and she was here.  Went outside and locked herself out.  Kicked in the doors so hard, broke frame & door and all.  Adrenaline surge I'm sure.  That was a $1200 break.  Those kind of breaks are harder to swallow than the others.  Most people think having kids with special needs there are medical costs.  Well, yes there are but people also need to consider costs they might not think of.  If you have children w/ frontal lobe damage(such as in FAS) or mental challenges, their judgement will be not up to par and things will happen.  Yes, most are not intentional but it will still be an additional cost to incur.  I want PAP's to consider this when adopting a special needs child.  Shoot, yesterday Bojan dropped his leg on the stone fireplace and most likely chipped a piece off.  At that point of the day, I honestly didn't even want to look.  I was having just one of those days.  We have them where one thing after another seems to happen here.  That was yesterday.  Anyhow, just saying if you are considering adopting a special needs child, make sure you budget for costs even if you put a question mark in that cost column.  Irina currently does not have a ceiling fan in her room.  Why you ask?  B/c during a sleep over, Yana did a stupid dare & stuck her hand up into the blades as they were going full speed.  Yep, she did.  Warren is going to try & fix it but said most likely, this will need replacing.  Last fan we replaced had a burnt up motor b/c Nik threw a bra up in it from the laundry pile.  Again, budget for the unexpected.

Lots and lots happening today.  Need to upload some pictures for you all.  Soon, I promise.  More to come. 

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