Saturday, July 24, 2010

What'd they do??

Thought I'd play a bit of a guessing game.  Any ideas what they did here?

I'll have the answer to this one on my next post.

Any idea what happened here or even what that is?  

Be back tomorrow.  Windows are installed!!!  Did I tell you we have the BEST friends in the world?!  People came to help out and another family kept the four youngest kids.  Helped immensely not to have them here.  In fact, right before they left, Nik almost destroyed a set of window w/ a weight.  Got to love it.  To make things even better yet today, our friends that watched the kids gave us a nice set of bunkbeds for the new ones.  so, kids are all covered for beds.  We'll need some new bedding but other than that, we're great!  More to come tomorrow.  right now, we're all just exhausted.  We're working more tomorrow.  Heat index...115.  Need I say more? 


  1. Not sure about the first picture, but guessing the second one is a piece of gum in your dog's hair.

  2. Poor Bear..that is bubble gum in his hair.I guess he could use a summer trim anyhow..right?!