Sunday, July 25, 2010

What a weekend!

Heat index was 115 here.  We chose the hottest weekend to have our friends help us install windows.  LOL.  These were windows for the current garage which is to eventually become the girls' bedroom.  This is the first step.  We had a wonderful friend help take all 4 younger kids all day Saturday.  This worked out beautifully as we could focus solely on the projects and not the kids.  Plus, as Nik almost gave us a scare of breaking the brand new windows, it was a relief to not have them here. 

There was much work to be done and took all of Saturday AND Sunday to do it.  But, it got done and then some.  We even finished, yes you heard that right, finished the upstairs bathroom!  Boys are getting their first shower this evening.  Can't wait.  They've had a working toilet and sink for some time but shower wasn't quite there.  All was finished and now is fine.  All the painting done.  All the flooring done.  Warren will hang up the handicap rail for Bojan tonight.  Having 3 full baths in this house is wonderful.  Girls are using the downstairs bathroom, boys upstairs.  Works well for us. 

I can not tell you how grateful we were for having our friends drive all the way to help us out.  We're talking a couple hours drive, help all weekend in the blazing heat and have to get up and go to work early Monday morning.  How is that for AWESOME!!!  I do hope one day we'll be able to repay them for all they did for us this weekend.  I know some are talking about building a house so we definitely would want to help out w/ that.  Thanks again to W., S.,L., K. , and K(from here).  You all know who you are and we truly could NOT have done this on our own.  Wish I had more than thanks for you.  Next time, it's a cookout for sure.  No sweat involved.  LOL. 

In the midst of all this stuff, we had totally forgotten to get Warren's tb test read on Friday.  Called today and they said he'd have to retake it.  It's fine it's just I said I'd have it to the agency.  URGHH.  So, tomorrow, he has to go and take the kids to driver's ed, return the scaffolding, get the tb test and go to work. Then, pick up the apostilles so we can overnight.  Thought they'd be ready Friday.  Umm, no.  Monday, AFTER 11am.  Fine.  I may take the kids to driver's ed in the morning so he could head out to the rental place early.  Busy day. 

I am trying to make sure I have all dossier docs ready.  See, even though Warren can pick them up, we still have to make copies.  I had wanted to do this all Friday but I don't control the apostilling.  I can only roll w/ the punches here and do the best I can.  Hoping to wrap up the last little bit of stuff this weekend some time.  Got the child abuse letter so that need's apostilling now w/ the FBI prints.  Fine.  I have a SOS credit now for apostilling.  Why you ask?  B/c the bank forgot to acknowledge us on the notary part so we have to have it redone.  It was the second child declaration page that states we are pursuing more than one child.  Again, all loose ends.  And, if we didn't work, this would be a cakewalk but you have to fit in work schedules w/this stuff.  Secretly, I had wished Warren could have taken off on Monday & we could finish all this stuff up.  But, he's been busy at work and I've been busy here.  I never did get Max & Irina's passport stuff done & that HAS to be done so Irina can work.  Can I get a few more hours in the day please?  Bear needs to go back to the vet.  he has hypothyroidism.  He needs to go to Petsmart for a bath as we can no longer lift the 125 lb arthritic dog in the tub for a bath.  May hose him, it's plenty warm out for that.  Have to get homeschool stuff for Irina organized.  Have to find out about new high school for Max.  I actually think tomorrow is the last tour day.  Lovely.  Have to finish up the driver's ed thing w/ Max & Irina.  Have to officially sign up for more insurance (life, not driving).  Have to reorganize.  You get the point, I'm sure.  Lots to do.  Have to apply for SSI for Irina.  Found out by neurology that I need to do this before age 18.  Okay, I'll get right on that too.  Tonight I've been trying to detail every single thing into a concise schedule so we can get everything where it needs to be and finished.  It can and will be done.  Kids are signed up for VBS and that starts next week at church.  Cant' wait.  They love it and we love it.  And, we finally are going to be able to go to that church.  It's always been hard for us to go to church w/ some of the kids.  I'll explain one day in another post.  Anyhow, we've always felt welcomed here and feel the kids are able to handle things a little better now so church is more of an option.  Plus, feel the kids are ready.  Again, tons going on. 

We are going to plan a few things for August before kids go back to school.  Share more later.  For now, need to go. 

First, the answers to the last post.  First picture was Nik sweeping up flour.  Why was the flour all over the floor?  Well, we have this huge bakery sized bucket.  HUGE bucket FULL of flour.  Nik decided to step all in it.  Yes, step in it.  URGHH.  Made him clean it all up and had to explain why we don't step in the flour bucket and how it would make our food dirty.  Then, had to go to the store to buy more flour.  Didn't think anyone would want banana nut bread made w/ foot flour.  LOL.  So, new flour.  Now, just have to dump the old flour and wash the bucket. 

Second one was definitely poor Bear w/ gum.  I have no idea which kid dropped gum into Bear's hair but I cut it out.  Again, the most tolerant dog you'll ever find. 

Later I'll have to have some pictures up.  For now, just thoroughly exhausted.  Have a great week everyone. 

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