Friday, July 23, 2010

What we do on a hot day

Well, it is Friday and the heat index is 110.  The pool feels like a hot tub.  Been in the high 90s all week long.  We went to Sam's today to get supplies.  Some of the kids didn't go so we had 9 w/us I think.  BTW, do NOT stop at sample stations w/ 9 kids.  The folks don't mind at all, it just takes the shopping trip way too long then.  LOL.  And, a two year old w/out a sippy cup taking a lemonade sample is never a good thing.  Just a mess on the floor.  We made it through there and to the Secretary of State's office.  Warren was off work today. 

Thought I'd share some pics though of what my kids do when it is boiling outside.  I think they may try to boil an egg on the sidewalk later.  Here are some other ideas we do:

We eat ice cream first and foremost on hot days!  Always a supply of ice cream here.  this day, it was fudge swirl w/ fudge topping and whip cream(a rarity usually).  All enjoyed.  

We do crafts as well.  I usually have an endless supply as I pick them up at yardsales.  Helps on days like this.  They are making pendants here.  We have guitars to make as well.  We also do homemade playdough sometimes.  

We watch tv.  Yes, that is how they pick movies out.  Rule is to have them picked up before dad gets home.  It is one of his biggest pet peeves.  They were also playing uno.  Cards all over the floor.  Gum bucket on the table.  Just a mess.  I let them make the mess during the day but it does indeed have to be picked up in the afternoon.  

We swim on hot days.  In their clothes no less.  I have no idea why they went swimming in their clothes this day.  Pool is finally turning back blue again.  

We swim some more.  This is Alyona just hanging around.  

Those are just a few of the things we do on a hot day here at Chaos Manor.  We'll have more pictures later this weekend.  Going to be very busy here w/ repairs going on.  Enjoy your weekend everyone and stay cool. 

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