Monday, July 5, 2010

What is with this kid?!

As some of you have followed in the past, you know our youngest son Nik has a passion for drawing well, ummm, unique drawings.  He loves to make expressive faces and such.  It's interesting to say the least of what this kid comes up with.  I will post more drawings later in the week that I found that the teachers gave me at the end of the year.  For now though, he is into Dominoes.  Sets them up all over the house.  The other day, he set this piece up:

Now, the first picture is really not the best as it is just part of it.  And, it is upside down.  It's a person shooting a gun.  Aimed at the "bad" guy.  Does he look bad & evil enough?!  Look at the mean eyes look.  The feet and the hands.  and of course, don't you love all those teeth?!  Nik is crazy.  The kid is just crazy.  How's he come up w/ this stuff?  LOL.  I could never make this stuff for sure.  Shoot, I'm lucky I can draw a stick figure and he's making art out of dominoes.  So, when do you think I should start that therapy anyways?

Things are going great here.  Just been really, really busy. I will try to write more later as today is Alex's birthday.  so, going to go ice a cake in a minute per Alex's request.  Shrimp & veggies on the grill for dinner and then cake after.  Great way to end a fantastic weekend.  Tomorow, I only have 1 extra child here and NO appointments.  Light week.  Making the most of it and we are going to be on a mission to reorganize a closet that should really have been condemned.  It is a catch all family closet.  I'm frankly afraid to go in there.  We are going to tackle it and then every downstairs room will have been thoroughly organized.  Got to go and ice a cake.  I will have many more updates tonight and tomorrow for sure.  Stay tuned for much, much more and many, many more pictures.  And they won't be Nik's drawings either! 

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