Thursday, July 8, 2010

What do you do in Chaos Manor???

What do we do in chaos manor during the summer time?  Well, let me show you.

You all realize by now that Irina is our in house "germaphobe."  Self-proclaimed I might add.  Here she is literally studying the Physician's Desk Reference.  Go figure.  H1N1 about drove her nuts this past year.  And no, she didn't get it.  Just Alex.  Bird flu, west Nile, etc.-- she knows them all.  LOL.  

Here's Max on Alex's new scooter.  It's called a Slither.  They've all had a great time on this this summer.  

If too hot outside, get creative inside.  The kids have set up the preschool bowling pins on the coffee table.  Then, they are taking nerf guns to knock out the targets.  Clever, huh?  

The kids love the Wii game my parents bought them.  It's called Wipeout.  They are very happy as you can tell and always enjoy playing.  Great on a rainy day for sure.  My kids have a time limit of 30 minutes each of video game playing.  That's it and that's enough.  They don't mind.

What would summer be w/out flying paper airplanes?  The boys LOVE to make paper airplanes and fly them all over the house & the yard.  

Nik absolutely loves to play with dominoes.  He can literally do this all day.  You've seen some of the artwork he makes w/ them in previous posts.  What better why to block the front door than w/ dominoes?  Another great summer time or any time activity.

Summer time can also be for learning.  Like learning how to make up a new handshake between sibs.  Yana is teaching Alex one.  

We have so much more we've done.  But for now, that is enough summer time fun to take in at Chaos Manor.  We'll have to share more a bit later.  Just didn't want you all thinking we were just sitting around watching tv all day.  Nope.  Usually on the move.  Speaking of which, I do need to get going here.  Enjoy your week.  We have a fun weekend planned w/ Family Fun Fest (carnival) and Alex's party.  I think by Sunday, I'll be wiped out. 

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