Saturday, July 24, 2010

What did you say???

As I've said before here, conversations get very interesting at times.  Thought I'd share some of those with you.

Yesterday in the van, I went to pick up Max & Irina from Driver's Ed.  Everyone was in the car & we're headed home.  Lauren was w/ us too.  Anyhow, someone(I think Irina) starts talking about the man who can walk on water.  Someone else in the car said you mean Jesus.  She said no, the guy on tv.  The illusionist, I forget his name.  Then they got back to Jesus.  Alyona then says "I tried to do that once in the tub but it didn't work."  She was so matter of fact about walking on water in the tub I just had to crack up.

At the table, I was making a list for groceries.  I asked everyone what we needed.  Alex said bananas.  I said Alex, what on earth do we need bananas for.  Keep in mind, I have a dozen sitting on the counter for banana nut bread.  Anyhow, Alex said "you know, bananas for the pumpkin bread."  I said you mean banana nut bread?  He said "yeh,that."

I come into the living room and it's just complete chaos w/ everyone yelling.  In the midst of it all, I scream "Alex, give your brother his leg back now!"  I'm sure that is not something you hear every so often in your house.

Max, what on earth are you doing?  He comes in the house w/ a towel wrapped around him.  He had decided he'd get in trouble if he came in the house dripping wet.  Umm, never stopped anyone before.  LOL.  Hence, why we have tile versus carpet from the pool area.  Anyway, he says "I took off my pants so I wouldn't get the house wet."  What?!  Yep, true.  Thankfully, very secluded lot.

More I'm sure will come to mind.  Just things that caught me a bit.

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