Monday, July 26, 2010

Waterfalls & rivers

Been a busy day today.  I have a list of 27 things that need to get done.  Soo, off we've gone,been back, gone again, and now a short break before we have to do more.  Trying to break it up as well.  I'm pretty certain between today and tomorrow, we can get it all done.  VBS starts on Sunday & kids are excited about that.  Driver's ed is done this week and Irina is still very nervous.  She's working on her project now.  I'll let you all know how she does on Thursday or Friday.  Not sure when they get results.  If she passes, she will be doing the driving part next week.  They do it oldest to youngest.  Not bad. 

Lately, we got some rain.  This is usually a good thing in the south.  However, our yard has some major issues and the rain currently is doing us more harm than good.  Part of our yard is undercutting and eroding away.  Our backyard floods w/in minutes of rain almost to the house.  Figured I'd share a few pics and get some ideas.  Sometimes a fresh eye can do a lot.  A pond may help at this point.  Below are some pics w/ explainations and maybe you all have some ideas of how to fix this problem.

this is looking out the backdoor to the side.  We actually have gutters just need to rehang.  You'll see other shots but when it continues to rain, the yard floods almost to those back steps.  Wanted you to get a visual as to how far up it goes.

If you look in the background, you can see a small "river."  Umm, it's NOT supposed to be there.  Click on the pictures and you can see some of the flooding slowly moving up by the pool.  This is after about 7 minutes of this rain.  When it rains for hours, watch out.  

Just another angle of the backyard.  Yes, I'm well aware the pool was turning green.  It's back to crystal clear blue now.  

A closer view of the little river.  Remember, this is just w/in minutes after the rain falls.   You should see it after a few hours.  

After the little river flows, it dumps into this huge pit that is slowly eroding away our yard.  About a foot a year.  This whole is way too huge to fill in w/ fill dirt or anything else for that matter.  Just look at the rate this is flowing though.

This picture does not do this waterfall justice.  It is GORGEOUS.  You look through our woods and see these beautiful waterfalls everytime it rains.  The white part in the pictures is the waterfall.  There's two of them.  You can click it and enlarge the picture a bit to see better.  Again, I'll have to get a good shot one day b/c it really is beautiful.

This is where the little river drops off into the deep pit in the woods.  

If you look, you'll see the "little river" goes clear across the back yard.  Goes beyond that shrub on the right.  Again, this is only after a few minutes.  AFter an hour or more, you can not see the grass here.  It is covered w/ water.  

Just getting some fresh eyes.  We already have corregated piping in place.  Yes, believe it or not, we do.  Our yard and the neighbor's yard is covered in natural springs.  Even during a drought, we constantly have water running in our yard.  One day I'llhave to take a picture of the creek alongside the property.  That is what this little river drains into.  

So, we have waterfalls and rivers in our own backyard.  LOL.  It would be okay if it weren't causing so much erosion.  Any ideas, go ahead and send them this way.  We have a few but listening to others may help us expand on our ideas some.  Thanks a bunch!  More pics to come and NOT of the yard.  Time to make some baked meatballs.  It's finally below the 100's outside so I feel like cooking again for a change.  Something about 110/115 degree weather that just doesn't get you excited about cooking in a hot oven.  We're back to the mid 90's this month.

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