Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

I thought I'd get back to some normalcy here.  this adoption rollercoaster ride is not for the faint of heart for sure.  Still some major obstacles and hurdles to overcome.  We'll get there.  Onto to other things for now.  Those new, I do thoughtful Thursday on here b/c living w/ FAS children, you have to remind yourselves sometimes of all the good there is in them as well.  It is far too easy to forget that.  So, here goes.

Irina-- She made a necklace for me that said "Angels love my mom."  Really, really thoughtful.  I wore it until I thought it would choke me.  She made the necklace a tad too small.  So now, it's hanging up instead.

Max--Max has been seeing that Irina is struggling very much in driver's ed even though she's studying so incredibly hard.  Her disability is holding her back.  Max is taking the same course and helping her w/ studying.  Thoughtful for sure.

Yana-- Irina was crying the other day at the table.  This was due to driver's ed and I'll have that in another post.  Irina hates it when people ask her why she is crying.  Alex asked...of course.  So, Yana covered and said it was allergies and that Irina had gotten something in her eye.  So thoughtful to consider her sister's feelings.  And that, my friends is an act of kindness coming from a RADish!  I think it's awesome.  Care and concern. 

Bojan--  Bojan saw I was cooking dinner all by myself the other day while trying to make a few loaves of banana nut bread at the same time.  He came over and asked if there was anything he could do to help.  Very thoughtful.

Alyona-- Alyona wanted to bury the grasshopper Nik had burned a hole through(yes, I'm well aware that is a whole other post).  She stood there w/ the dead grasshopper in her hands stroking it's back.  Alyona said we have to bury it.  Thoughtful to care about even a small insect.

Alex-- Saw Nik was struggling to make his craft and offered to help.  thoughtful act indeed.

Nik-- The other day Warren worked late.  Typically, Nik doesn't ask about Warren much.  Nik is still very, very much a mommy's boy.  The other day Nik came up to me and asked me where daddy was and when he was coming home!  He missed his daddy and that for me was a turning point.  Warren gets nervous sometimes b/c he can't sign as much to Nik as I can.  He doesn't want Nik to think he doesn't love him.  I can say, Nik loves his Dad just as much as mom.  Nik asking where dad was & when he was coming home the other day was thoughtful in my opinion. 

I will have more posts later.  Trying to get other things done.  Work crew of a few volunteers is coming on Saturday.  Other friends have offered to take the four younger kids for us.   Lots to make, bake, rent, organize, etc.  I didn't even turn on the computer until noon today.  Needed a break for sure.  Speech therapist came early so we had to improvise as I had to go pick up Max & Irina.  Yana stayed home w/ him.  Nik is really, really improving on speech.  I promise to make a video of him one of these days.  Got to go.  Stay tuned for more later.  Pictures too!  

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