Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

It's that time of week again...already.   This summer is just flying by in my opinion.  It's crazy.  But, we're having fun, soaking up some sun and I think that's what counts.  Just the pure simplicity of summer.  We love it.  We have yet to go to the beach.  That may be in the plans in August some time.  We'll see.  Or, may just wait till after tourist season is over.  Remember, in NC, it stays in the 80's to 90's till the end of October.  How do I know, b/c every Halloween we have a costume party for the kids & their friends and by the end we're covered in buckets of sweat.  So, hot for sure.  Getting sidetracked again.  Thought it wood be great for a Thoughtful thursday post. 

Irina--Very thoughtful at making Nik a necklace.  She made it w/ his name & hearts. 

Yana-- Knows her brothers and sisters want to walk w/ her everyday.  She took Alex for a walk yesterday w/out any prompting.  She just thought he'd like to go.  Was even more conscience of his overheating problem and made sure he was okay the whole way.  They were gone for over an hour walking the neighborhood.

Alyona-- One day I was yelling  talking at Alex on the stairs.  Didn't even notice how Bojan was struggling w/ the couch cushions behind me(he was vacuuming out the couches).  Alyona slipped between us on the stairs to go and help her brother out.  Very thoughtful.

Max--Saw the pool needed vacuuming and went to set it up w/out even being asked.  Just did iton his own to help out. 

Bojan-- Noticed Alex struggling to reach a cup and went over to help him out.

Alex-- Helped Bojan out every time he saw he needed help.  Bojan's legs are in bad shape right now and he can barely walk on them.  (for another post tomorrow).  He hurts and Alex has been offering to help Bojan do the things he normally does on his own. 

Nik-- When Alex got hurt in the pool, he went and got a wet washrag for him and kept signing hurt.  Nik looked genuinely concerned and stuck around to see if he could help Alex.  Big gash on that tongue.

Can't tell from the picture but this was a deep cut.  He bit his tongue in the pool when Bojan accidentally elbowed him.  Not the most pleasant picture for sure.  He survived.  Definitely didn't eat dinner that night but next day he was okay for the most part.  Nice his brother cared.  It is always traumatizing for Alex to get hurt due to his PTSD.  Kids went running when they heard him screaming.  I did not.  I know Alex gets very bent out of shape, especially when he sees blood.  It's crazy.  but, this is who he is and we've learned over the years how to handle a post -traumatized child.  He needs a lot of care but when hurt you can't feed into it anymore than necessary.  When he needed stitches a few months ago, I was very casual about the whole thing.  Helps that we have the best docs who know our kids & their past.  Know the right things to say & just how to joke around when stitching Alex up.  He has gotten much better over the years.  Much.  So, this tongue thing wasn't as bad as what it could have been.  But, he survived & now likes to look at the picture & see how brave he was.  LOL.  Love it.  

Sidetracked but sometimes feel it's important to interject about some of the kids & how far they've come.  More to come later.  Probably a 3 post day.  Hey, I have done most of my to do list & I have only my kids here today.  Plus, I don't feel like organizing the closet.  Remember, we have been re-organizing to fit in the new kids coming home.  To do that, we have to stock stuff anywhere and everywhere we can for now.  Well, the homestudy agency needed previous homestudy dates.  You knwo, only from 11 years ago!!!  URGH!!  This is where I had to look:

See that stack in the corner?  With the old passports on top?  yep, that pile is about a foot deep of papers.  My girls tried to help "organize" it.  That word help again.  It WAS organized before they got a hold of it.  Was my old homestudy in there?  Why no.  We found the one from 1999 in w/ the tax docs..go figure.  The 2003 Russian homestudy is still MIA.  Old agency told me "I don't know how to go about locating that."  Really?  I hate transitions but know they are necessary to get to the end result.  Very happy to say I think we've resolved this "glitch" part of it.  Still have one more "glitch" to go which I'll share later.  Well, need to get more done.  Like that corner there.  LOL.  We'll have to take some before and after pics for sure.  Stay tuned for a picture post later.  We're not all work around here. 

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