Thursday, July 29, 2010

They PASSED!!!!

Irina and Max passed their driver's ed test!  For those new, this seems to be difficult for kids w/ developmental delays as the test is not modified at all.  As it shouldn't be.  I did NOT help them one bit.  I wanted them to do this on their own.  100% on their own.  And they did it.  Irina & Max passed their tests.  VERY proud of them.  Irina was studying her heart out every night.  She made an 84% on the test.  In addition to that, her project got most creative.  Had to do w/ drinking and driving.  She is passionate about drinking as she has FAS and knows how she got it.  Max failed the test the first try.  Just barely didn't pass.  Told you not to rush through it.  Did it the second time and made a 92%.  He received most prettiest/ detailed in his class on the project.  There were 41 in the class & both the kids not only passed but received recognition for their projects being creative and detailed.  So, for those saying their kids w/ disabilities have limitations, I say bologna.  They can do it.  And do it well.  Now, next week(most likely), Irina will be taking the driving portion of driver's ed.  Watch out!  First assignment once they get their license...go get mom a candy bar.  LOL.  We are actually making a cake tonight to celebrate.  Alyona already helped me bake it. 

If any of you locals see them, just give them a congrats.  They'd love it for sure.  I think Irina has actually already told all my neighbors.  Too funny.  I must admit, I was skeptical in the beginning but this is where I loved being proved wrong.  Enjoy your day. 

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  1. Yeah! That's great!!! Can't wait to hear about the driving part! :) Enjoy the cake!