Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stavropol Orphanage pics (2)

More orphanage pictures.  Boy, it is fun finding some of these for sure.  Can't wait to dig through some more albums.

Alex looks beat in this picture.  Not sure why.  He's on the end  at the right, hand by his head.

This is Alex having a snack.  Notice the shoes...too small.  But, that's how they do things over there.  Just a little different.  He had those same shoes on months later when he came to us to be hosted.  He was a cutie then & still is today.  

This is me w/ Alex in the normal "play area."  It seems to be the place to take future adoptive parents to play one on one w/ their kids.  With our kids though, we had hosted them at our home for a week.  We already knew them which is nice.  After all those months, Alex still remembered us.  

This is Warren & Yana.  They had her "quarantined" in a separate building.  Yeh right.  Does she look sick to you?  No.  Long story w/ that one that I'll post on here one day.  There were no pictures on any of the walls in this building, no lights in the hallways.  Very sparse to say the least.  She was estatic to be getting out of there!

Friends trying to hold it together before saying goodbye for good.  This was the tightest group of girls I had ever experienced.  The entire orphanage was in tears when we left w/ Yana.  Even the coordinator, translator & driver!  

Caretakers giving last tidbits of wisdom & lectures on behavior before they head out the door.  do you think Yana was happy?

And within minutes, a family is formed and ready to start anew.  We never intend to erase their past.  It is part of who they are.  Orphanage life is what formed them into who they are today.  Well, partially.  BTW, that stupid red & white elephant has a story all it's own for another post.  

Thanks for letting me share pictures of the past.  do consider older child adoption.  It is very much worth it.  Just look at the faces of these girls & tell me that they don't deserve a family to share things with, love and dream with?  


  1. How old was Yana when you adopted her? My husband and I are also interested in adopting an older sibling group (a girl and boy).
    Thanks for posting these pictures. I really enjoyed them and it nice to hear to adopt older children.

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi my name is Ludmila (but most people call me Luda). And I was adopted from that orphanage on July 23, 2002. It's amazing to see these photos, because I remember so many faces. My adopted name is Ludmila Samantha Holder (you can look me up on facebook if you want). I was wondering if you knew what the orphanage was called... gosh, thanks for uploading these. I miss everyone ):