Thursday, July 22, 2010

Simple pleasures

Thought it was high time for some pictures.  So, we'll do some simple pleasures around the house.

He is SO happy he can hear music now!  He loves it.  Can even bob his head w/ the beat.  something not possible a year or so ago.  Thinks he's mister cool now.  

This is one of my simple pleasures...a new plant.  These are a variety of succulent plants that were half price at Lowes.  Used to work in a florist shop so can bring a good deal of these back to life.  I have another sitting on our dining room.  you can click on the picture for a bigger view.

These were on sale as well & I made the girls repot them.  We gave one to Yana and one to Irina to take care of.  We believe that all our kids should be responsible for living things.  Whether it's plant or animal.  They both love the peace lilly and will be great to see them care for something and watch it grow.  They had fish before.  Once Alyona gets her new room, she'll have something to care for as well.

A foot spa bath w/ lotion.  ALL the kids have enjoyed this.  ALL of them.  It's funny b/c I was intending to sell this b/c no one used it.  Brought it out in the for sale pile & that was it.  Hasn't been put away since.  They love it!

What a great simple pleasure... a boy and his dog.  Should say young man. This is Max w/ Bear.  Again, the best dog in the world!

Another simple pleasure.  Football on a summer day.  This is Alex.  Posing of course. LOL.  We've noticed Alex is filling out more and are monitoring him very closely.  He is on meds that can have him gain 60 lbs in  a month's time!  Neurology & us watch closely.  We just upped his meds and want to track the weight too.  This age, weight gain is also common due to growing.  Easy to monitor.  It is definitely NOT from him being sedentary & sitting still. Dash is always on the move.  

What better a simple pleasure than your daddy letting you sit on his shoulders while you watch tv?  Nik loves climbing all over Warren.  Poor Warren.  Nik has grown so much he weighs 50 lbs now!  

Hope you enjoyed some of the simple pleasures around here.  I know I do.  More to come tomorrow.  However, I'm watching the "littles" and getting ready for this weekend of hard labor.  Won't be a whole lot of blog posts.  Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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