Monday, July 19, 2010

Rolling with the punches

Oh do I ever have a bunch to catch up on.  I guess I should start w/ why I haven't been posting a whole lot on here.  I have been concentrating on a homestudy snaffu (isn't there always at least one in the adoption world?).  I can't give details right now but will later on.  We should have it worked out hopefully by tomorrow & homestudy approved officially shortly after that.  The homestudy has to be done ASAP.  It has been brought to our attention that it is critical it get to Bulgaria.  Again, no reasons yet that I can tell you.  Will share once further into the process.  Dossier paperwork is nothing compared to the Russian dossier paperwork.  Like night & day.  Doc will not sign Warren's until he has another checkup.  We just went to a health fair & all is fine. However, legally, doc can only sign when she sees him.  Fine.  The soonest he could be seen was next week.  I could have sworn he was seen earlier this year but guess I was wrong.  I was seen I know.  She signed my papers already.  We'll pick up all once he is seen next week.  No biggie.  All that dossier paperwork will be apostilled at the same time & sent to Bulgaria along w/ that homestudy.  I feel like we are getting closer.  I know once that dossier is officially registered over there, a huge weight will be lifted.  I really am ready to go.  Kids are ready for us to go.  The wait in adoption journeys are the hardest part.

Aside from the adoption stuff, there are other happenings at Chaos Manor.  Such as Irina and Max are going to take driver's ed.  Yikes!  I'm not really ready for that yet.  This is just the course part of it.  Irina is 17.5 years old.  Max is 15.  With FAS children, it really is not best to let them drive at 15.  many reasons why.  Main reason is w/ the type of brain damage they have, it is their judgement that is impaired.  And poor judgement & driving do not mix in my opinion.  Again just my opinion.  But, I'm also slowly learning from other parents of FAS children who have been through this phase.  The good thing is w/ this economy, many of their friends are not driving either.  Irina does not really want to drive & that is fine w/us  but felt she needed to take the course in order to better make that decision.  In this house we have kind of decided that our kids will need to be at least 17 before we let them drive.  Max is 15, his b-day is in March.  Now, maybe he'll show the maturity to drive at 16 but I just don't know yet.  With each kid, we'll make that choice.  Here is my thinking, if they get into an accident or do something w/out thinking(common in FAS kids), the court system will not cut them any slack b/c of their disability.  That have to learn the realities of life.  Our job while they live here is to keep them safe.  If that means their decision is impaired, we don't let them drive.  That's just the bottom line.  Hope everyone understands.  It's not about being mean, but about what is best for them.  Till they can better make decisions.

I have a whole other post to do on Bojan and his legs.  Will get to that one soon.  I started this post a few days ago.  Life does get in the way some days.  But in a good way.  Warren's doc appt. is this Wednesday.  We're then getting everything notarized and then off for apostilling.  Then, our part of the dossier will be done.  Wahoo!!!  For those new to the adoption world, that is a huge step. 

What other tidbits do I have?  Kids are doing excellent.  Yana is trying to train so she can try out for track next year.  Actually glad she is committed to something.  We are enjoying our lazy summer days of July.  Fresh tomatoes are growing like crazy from the garden.  I have no peppers due to two children who pulled ALL the little peppers off.  URGHH!!!  Nik blamed one of the "littles" and one of the "littles" blamed Nik.  Got to love it.  I personally think it was the two of them together b/c they're always getting bugs over there.  Chives are great.  So is the basil & oregano.  Zuchinni, I don't know what the heck happened.  Still trying to figure it out.  Gardening takes practice.  hoping next year we can expand the garden and a fence will probably be next around it.  We'll see. 

We went shopping yesterday & boys enjoyed it.  Warren only gets 2 pair of shoes a year.  He's always worn the same shoes which I personally hate.  So do the kids.  We've all tried to get him to try something else but a no go.  Can't blame us for trying but hey, it works for him as he says.  LOL.  got an awesome deal & found Alyona shoes for just $5.  Then, we tried an outlet and stayed maybe 2 minutes in there.  Umm, no.  Not a deal at all.  We were trying to find mattresses on sale as some of the kids have gotten older and are really in dire need of new ones.  So, searching around for deals.  Happen to stumble across Big Lots.  Stocked up on some school stuff as they were having a weekend only sale w/ 20% off your entire order.  Since we have to have pens & pencils anyhow, it is a stock up deal for sure.  Helped put a dent in school supplies.  It is a couple hundred dollars usually for us to get started on school stuff.  Nuts.  And that's with hitting all the deals and stocking up when big sales happen.  Just was nice yesterday finding some deals and chatting w/ three of the boys. 

What else is going on.  Pool is green.  Stupid pool was crystal clear all winter & spring long.  Cleaned it, treated it &  is not turning.  Goign to take a sample to the pool place & get it back in order.  Should have turned back somewhat yesterday when we treated it but not a bit.  Hope to have it back to normal w/in the next few days.  More going on and I'll get to it when I can.  More pictures to come I'm sure.   Only one extra kiddo here today so we'll get some things done.  Going to have a field day today after lunch and then an ice cream sundae here at the house.  Should be fun.  Right now, they're playing the Wii.  They said they'll play monopoly next & help set up for our field day.  I may even race some kids.   On second thought, probably not.  Have a great and productive week everyone.

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  1. We're about at the same point on our journey to Bulgaria, waiting for 2 little boys....received our I-800A Saturday and waiting on one last doc. before sending off our dossier. I enjoy reading your blog (we will soon be at 7 kids) and will love to keep up with your journey to your kids...we are just a bit north of you in DE so we have similar weather stories as you :) And a similar dog....she died shortly before we moved here, but is the spitting image (my husband said "how did they get a picture of our dog?" when I showed him) Don't know what's going on in NC with zucchini though....ours are cranking out monsters- never saw anything like it...we have some photos on our blog. Hoping these last bits of your paperwork gets done and your dossier off! Blessings, Jennifer