Sunday, July 11, 2010

red eyes, little pyro, & a trip

Won't be a long one either.  More pics & posts this week.  We're just simply exhausted.  Took 11 kids to the fun fest and then shopping.  had a little party for Alex.  Stayed up last night w/ the teens & their friend until 1:45pm.  Warren got a call to come into work at 4 am.  Yep.  Couldn't get back to sleep.  He was there until 2pm.  Since all the junk food & party stuff, kids have been a bit out of whack.  Not too bad but enough.  I think we all have red eyes though from being up so late last night. 

Thought it would be cool to buy this gigantic magnifying glass thing yesterday to look at bugs.  Kids love it.  It's about an 11 X 13.  Huge rectangle.  Well, went outside and smelled like a forest fire.  Like someone was burning leaves.  Can you guess who it was??  I myself was shocked.  Still no idea?  It was Minnie Mouse!  Yepper.  Alyona was sitting there BY the house burning leaves, bark, old pop-it's from the 4th of July, etc.  Now, being of little to no sleep, this was not going to go well w/ me.  She has now been banned from playing outside alone.  Usually she's not alone but still, no go.  Still stunned it was her.  While Warren was at work all day, we cleaned the house.  Don't know what possessed me to clean under my bed and shamefully pluck out dust bunnies the size of a small cat.  Seriously.  By doing this, I broke the bed.  Warren had to come home and fix that.  It's fixed and holding.  Irina was on the way to break my dryer.  URGHH.  I know she loves to help but some days I can do w/out so much FAS help.  You other FAS parents I'm sure get what I mean by that statement.  I gave them ice cream cake for lunch.  I told you, bad day today.  Don't worry, we are back on track but so ready for bed.  Dinner tonight will be pork tenderloin on the grill, baked potatoes and either peas or broccoli.  Trying to make up for the junk the last day here.  Again, back on track tonight & tomorrow.  Some of the kids and I are going for a walk after dinner after it cools down some. 

Not a bad day, don't get me wrong.  Just a long day.  We had such an awesome time yesterday and they were all great.  Now, just need to get back to normal and do a few things around here.  Kids are scrubbing potatoes and getting them ready.  Oh, have some really neat news regarding an old friend of mine.  Okay, can't stand not sharing.  They invited us to spend time w/ them at the Lake in VA.  We're going to work out details soon but sounds like a wonderful time w/ friends and an unplanned trip...the best kind.  It will most likely be in August some time as Warren has to work next weekend and the weekend after we are having the house repair party.  I can not tell you how excited I am at the thought of seeing our dear friends again.  See, they used to live near us.  Also, my college roommates.  So, we do go back.  They had moved to England for a few years and obviously, this bunch at Chaos Manor never seems to go across the Atlantic unless we adopt.  LOL.  Thrilled they are back stateside and we can get back to visiting once again.  Alright, time to help w/ the potatoes.  More to say but too tired today.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.

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