Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rainy days

Finally, a rainy day.  Not many people would want a rainy day but trust me, NC needs a lot of rain and soon.  So, glad it is raining out.  Plus, it gave us a day to organize this house a bit more.  And that is always useful.  However, just wished I hadn't filled up the pool for a few hours earlier.  Now, it is literally overflowing.  It happens.  Well, thundering so have to finish this post a bit later.

And it is now later...a day later.  Warren has been busy at work all weekend.  So, kids & I stayed here and stayed inside for a change.  We really are outdoor people so being inside for us is a bit different sometimes.  We vegged out yesterday watching movies and organizing.  Lots and lots of organizing.  I found some old boarding passes from Alyona & Nik's adoption and they had spelled Nik's name wrong.  Amazing the things you catch years later from these adoptions.  Unlike most families, I do not have an unique scrapbook or video capturing the adoption.  Not for a lack of trying.  We video taped all of Max & Irina's adoption until Max erased it at the ripe old age of 4yo w/ the one touch record button.  Ahh, parenting mistake #2.  LOL.  Now, most of mine have a life book.  Umm, not completed by a long shot.  Maybe that will be my goal when they all go back to school.  On the days I don't watch the "littles."  I doubt I 'll get them done but nice to dream.  I'm more of a picture person and hopefully my kids can forgive me years later when they ask me how old they were when they lost their first tooth.  Shoot, I don't know how old I was when I lost my first tooth.  Anyhow, sidetracked as usual.  Get back to our rainy day yesterday.  What do the kids do?

We have all kinds of craft stuff laying around the house that I pick up at yardsales.  All the kids decided to make necklaces.  Nice that they were actually working together to help each other find certain letters.

Goofing around is always a good thing on a rainy day as well.  

More goofing around.  I don't know why he has goggles on for dinner and I really don't care.  Yep, somethings you just let go.

and what better things to do on a rainy day then go through a bucket full of gum.  380 pieces.  I'm noticing in these pics that my kids change clothes way too often throughout the day.

You have to be totally bored on a rainy day to do this.  A friend of theirs brought a pediegg over and all the kids had the best time w/ it.  Funny to watch them all.

Are they having fun yet??  Nik couldn't control his laughter on this one.

My kids will swim anytime... even in the pouring down rain.  Doesn't stop them.  Rule here is they are allowed to swim in the rain as long as it's not lightening or thundering out.  Well, close thunder.  

I think my kids could have fun anywhere so a rainy day is nothing for them to get through.  I have some other posts started but really got sidetracked today.  Went shopping today.  Max, Alex & Nik went w/ us so we treated them to Goodberry's icecream...yumm.  We don't always take all the kids w/ us and we don't always take them out somewhere when we go.  But, sometimes spur of the moment stuff is nice to do.  Boys loved it of course.  We even got to see some folks racing remote control cars.  Kind of cool that they could even do stunts.  Helped some folks jumpstart their car and then it was off to home.  Need to get some more work done so chat tomorrow a bit.  BTW, the windows we have to install may not fit.  More on that tomorrow.  We're working it out.  Never dull here, never dull.  Oh, today someone bought a rug from us.  Remember, we're selling some things to make room for the new kids & raise a few dollars in the process for the adoption.  Anyhow, while she was here, Alex insisted his brother Nik was a murderer (he killed a moth apparently by catching it), Alyona came out to tattle more times than I could track & Irina came out to say all were fighting.  She must have thought this house was nuts.  No, just a typical day here at Chaos Manor.  Other than that, smooth day.  More tomorrow. 

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