Monday, July 12, 2010

A piece of time

As you all know, Alex celebrated his birthday on July 5th.  We keep birthdays simple here for the most part.  Do we know Alex's true birthday?  No.  His documents had July 3, July 4th, July 5th, July 7th and July 17th as possible birth dates.  The majority said the 5th & that's what we went with.  On the day of their birthday, I ask what cake they want.  Alex requested yellow cake w/ chocolate icing.  Fine by me.  He wanted a round cake he said.  Irina makes the cake part but has trouble pouring into the round pans so I do that part.  I also make homemade icing.  Birthday kid always has priority licking the beaters:

He looks way too old here for my tastes.  Oddly enough, Alex is our messiest eater yet he is not too messy here at all.  Blonde hair, blue eyes.  Am I in trouble in a few years or what?  LOL.

After dinner and cake, Alex wanted to open his presents.  We had only gotten him one thing and we're waiting to buy something else for him.  sometimes our kids like to spend their own money.  He didn't want to wait for his party on Saturday so we went to get the items.  Umm, not wrapped yet.  It was a busy week and Alex could careless.  So, we improvised:

Yana covering Alex's eyes as we had not wrapped anything yet.  I really thought he'd wait till his party but oh well.  

Think he is surprised?  

If not surprised, he certainly is happy.  For months, Alex has been begging for a watch.  He got two of them!  I was reluctant to buy them but I found a deal of super clearance for only $2 a piece so couldn't resist.  See, last watch Alex got, he cut up.  He promised not to do that again.  Felt now was a good time.  he wants to be like his older sibs and maybe this will help responsibility.  See, FAS children have a very, very hard time w/ abstract concepts and especially concepts such as time and money.  We had always said our kids would tell time on analog clocks.  And most can.  Still working w/ some of the others.  Rule in our home is you are not allowed to have a watch until you can tell time.  Nik is wanting a watch so I'm working on time w/ him too.  Anyhow, I was getting frustrated when some of my kids could only tell time on a digital clock.  One day I was at my neurologist appt. w/ one of them.  She sees all my FASers.  She said "Stephanie, in the grand scheme of things is this a big deal?"  I said "but I want them to tell time on a regular clock too."  She said exactly... YOU want them to tell time.  She said they CAN tell time.  With a digital clock.  Let it go.  That was one of my first wake up calls.  I was pushing.  Yes, you have to push your kids especially when society doesn't think they can accomplish much but careful what issues you push.  Our neuro made it clear that them being able to tell time on a digital clock and get to a job on time is far more important then knowing how to tell time the other way too.  Agreed.  Hence, Alex got 2 digital watches.  That was some of the best advice I had ever received from one of their docs.  Celebrate what they CAN do and expand on that.  Shoot, none of us know it all.  

Have to tell  you all about the other gifts.  My SIL brought something for Alex when she came.  Some water toys and goggles.  Something Alex always wanted.  Long story about goggles at our home & tell you another day.  Anyhow, Alex ran upstairs to show me. Here is what he said "mom, look at what WE got!!"  "We got splash bombs, we got goggles, and we got ....."  Every time he showed me something, he said WE.  Yes, yes he did.  The selfish, unempathetic, self-centered, mean ways of our old Alex are G-O-N-E.  The RAD part of Alex has been healed.  I truly believe that.  Can you believe he said WE???  This may not seem like a big deal to many of you, but trust me, this is a huge deal here.  It really is and it means a lot for Alex's future.  What better birthday present could we ask for?  

I will tell more of Alex's day in another post.  And in true FAS fashion, is he wearing the watches? No.  But, he always knows where they are and is always practicing telling me what time it is.  The watches being on his arm bother him.  Got to love it.  Stay tuned for more happenings here.  Lots went on this past weekend.  Just trying to recover. 

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