Friday, July 30, 2010

Old pictures found...

As you know, I'm cleaning out some old files & pictures.  thought I'd share a few I've come across.  Memory lane so to speak.  Hope you enjoy some blasts from the past.

This is from August of 2008.  This was Max, Alex, and Bojan receiving trophies from the Miracle League Baseball team they played on.  I know Alex's hair looks hideous.  Don't know why we didn't get it cut before the ceremony.  

Bojan & me during my sister's wedding back in 2005.  Bojan danced the night away that night.  A fun time for all.

Yana and Irina a month after Yana had gotten home.  they adjusted to being sisters very quickly.  They are standing on the deck that is now our dining room.  Boy, have they grown up since 2004!

The kids in a museum back in Nov. of 2008.  Still blown away how much they've grown.  

A picture of all of us from Nov. 2008.  It was toward the end of the evening so Alex was really tired.  You can tell.  

The kids w/ dad on one of the company's family days.  They put on a wonderful festival and it is free for all employees and family.  Kids are here enjoying a cold ice cream break.  

Those are just some of the old pictures I found.  Thought it was fun going through them and seeing just how much the kids have changed in the last few years.  Both in body and mind.  Hope you enjoyed some blasts from the past.  now, back to organizing. 

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