Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nik's quick update

I figured I hadn't done an update on Nik's audiology stuff for awhile nor his health.  He's healthy as a horse and a fish in the water!  Thank goodness.  His audiology stuff is a little different.  They've readjusted his settings on his implant and he has tolerated it well.  Nik is also in the process of pre-qualifying for another implant on the other side.  It has been proven time and time again w/ research that kids w/ AN(auditory neuropathy) doing incredibly better w/ bilateral implants.  I'm SO incredibly excited at the thought as Nik has wanted this for months now.  And, when a 7yo tells you they WANT surgery, you should listen.  They now the end justifies the means even at such a young age.  Don't know when we'll hear anything about that and know full well it takes months to get it all organized so not even asking at this point in time.  Glad it has been started though.  I do think his language will explode once bilaterally implanted.

Nik started speech therapy at home yesterday.  We have a lady that will be coming to the house twice a week to work w/ him and then we in turn can work on some things at home.  It does help.  It is covered 100% by our insurance for a certain # of visits so I'm thrilled.  Nik is trying very hard to talk but still uses ASL for everything.  And he will need to do that lifelong.  It is very evident that he can understand a good part of what we say.  We are coming to terms with how we will communicate with Nik.  We want to be a part of everything he says and thinks just as we are with our other kids.  It's hard as we don't know ASL yet.  We're learning but I'm just anxious to really know it.  I know things will come with time and Nik is starting to pass me in what he knows.  It's great but part of me feels like I'm losing out on stuff with him.  Conversations.  I want to have a deeper conversation with my son.  Of course, there is only so deep you can go w/ a 7yo anyhow.  But, I think you all know what I mean by all that.  I will be practicing more for sure.  At least half an hour every night I'm devoting to studying ASL.  If Nik ever learns to speak, fine.  If not though, I will have that communication with him that a parent needs to have with their child.

So, overall, Nik is doing beyond well.  Loves playing w/ his sibs, misses "his" Ava, and is learning every second.  He wants to read so badly and it appears he will this year.  Very happy about that.  Nik has come so, so far.  A child that was well written off at the orphanage years ago.  One that was headed to one of "those" institutions.  These kids have much potential if just given the chance.  My kids are living proof of that.  With Nik, no one even cared enough to figure out what was wrong.  he was  essentially a sheep for all those years at the orphanage following what others would do.  Now, he is an independent thinker b/c he can hear.  Because someone cares that he can hear.  Someone cares what he thinks and wants him to communicate.  So, some of you reading that are new to adoption and worried about that leap of faith you are about to take, don't be.  You learn as you go.  Your child will be your best teacher too.  Don't feel sorry for them.  I hate it, hate it when people take pity on my kids.  They don't need pity.  They need guidence and love.  Not pity.  Deaf kids do not need pity for sure.  Nik gets in trouble just as my other kids do.  The rules are no different for him just b/c he's deaf.  He knows this.  Though, he has scammed some of his teachers.  URGHH.  Claiming he didn't know how to tie his shoes.  They'd do it for him.  I fixed that problem.  LOL.  Told you he was smart...and lazy.  Why should he be no different from my other boys.  Getting sidetracked in this whole post.  Long story short, Nik is doing great.  No issues.  Learning a ton and loving summer.  Will have more posts and pictures this week of everyone.  Just lots and lots to do.  We are going to a local Family Fun Fest this coming weekend and having Alex's party.  The fun fest is like a mini carnival so looking forward to some fun there with the kids.  We are trying to work on the house.  We really, really do need to get it in order for the 3 new kids coming home.  Alyona and her new sisters need a room.  I will tell more of what we're doing with that very soon.  Alyona is beyond excited and I can't blame her.  Stay tuned for many, many more updates and pictures.  Lots to catch up on.  I don't have the littles today so we are going to be really getting things accomplished.  Organization is key here.  Just 8 kids here today so light load.  have a wonderful day.

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