Friday, July 30, 2010

A new path

We are trying to take a new path in our eating and some other habits around the house.  Going organic is what we'd ultimately like to do.  For everything.  Going natural for some things.  We are starting small.  Very small.

Many of our kids have sensitivities to things.  We'd like to go to some more natural products and are s-l-o-w-l-y making the switch.  This is Goat milk laundry detergent.   It's only a four pound container.  Now, it is $24.95.  However, I have dated it to see how long it lasts and compare it to the regular one we buy at Sam's for $21.  So far, this is lasting.  It only uses one tablespoon per load so it does seem to go far.  If it lasts at least a month as the other detergent we use does, we'll keep using it.  It will definitely make it and then some.  In all actuality, it will last longer.  So, it will become a staple here.  As well as that little stain stick to the left.  It actually gets out old chocolate stains!  Yes, it was tested...over...and over...again.  We've been using the Meyer's dishsoap and love that too.  Some products like Clorox wipes need to stay.  The natural version of the wipes are awful.  But Warren and I would rather give the little bit extra we may pay for some of these products to the local small business who make them versus some of the megastores.  It is a slow conversion though as you can clearly see the Walmart generic right next to it of fabric softener.  

But, we love either growing some of our own stuff or buying in bulk from the local farmers.  So much fresher too. That being said, we are still a big family and still need to shop where things are cheaper.  So, it is a mix in our house for now but the intention is maybe down the road we would be able to convert to more organic for everything and more natural products.  We do enjoy making our own stuff and you won't find too many boxed items in our home.  Well, popcorn and cereal mostly.  Cereal is very limited though.  We will be attempting to make our own bread soon.  Umm, we'll have to see how that one works out.  I'm kind of skeptical.  Fortunately, we have kids that don't mind trying new things with us.  If they go horribly wrong ( my kids will testify to a made from scratch broccoli and cheese soup I made that looked & tasted like vomit), we can all laugh about it later.  Plus, if it does indeed go horribly wrong, we end up going out to eat.  Since it is a rarity we go out to eat, kids think it's cool and the made from scratch gone wrong meal is soon forgotten.  LOL. 

Years ago, all our grandparents used to cook everything from scratch.  We are trying to do the same thing and forego some of the modern day conveniences that are so easy to get hooked on.  Warren loves to cook & I love to bake.  So, not bad.  I did try homemade bagels once.  Did I say once?  I meant to say attempted once.  Again, trial and error and that's okay.  It also teaches our kids it's okay not to get everything right.  It is okay to fail and laugh about it as long as you keep trying.  We'll keep you updated on how we do on some of this stuff.  Are we going to extremes?  Absolutely not.  Kids & I love candy way too much to not have it in the house.   But, we will attempt to be healthier piece by piece, meal by meal.  And for us, we feel homemade meals are the way to go for sure.  Read a label and you'd be shocked what is in some of this stuff.  I've heard of some trying specialized diets w/ their FAS kids.  We don't do that here.  Though we do try to do more fresh cooking.  Once you get used to it, it does not really take any extra time to prepare.  Especially w/ so many helpers.  Alyona likes to call herself the sous chef.  Too funny.  Keep you posted on how all this turns out. 

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