Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mommy, am I an alien??

Yep, that is just one of the many questions I get daily around here.  I have no idea what possessed Alyona to ask that one.  I do know Irina had just finished reading a book about that topic so maybe from there?  Not sure.  Another statement we had yesterday:  " Dude, Christmas is Jesus' birthday!"  Okay.  Apparently, there was a discussion as to when Jesus was born.  Fine, at least they are doing something productive.  They are signed up for VBS(vacation Bible school) for the first part of August.  Maybe this will give them something to talk about.  LOL.  We have all kinds of out of the blue questions in this home daily.  Or statements.  Another statement from yesterday.... "Mommy, please don't sell my baby."  That one was from Alyona too.  And this may be why:

Alyona loves her baby dolls and reading to them.  No wonder she doesn't want me to sell them.  I would not do that.  Here, she is reading her doll a story.  Legs crossed and all.  What a little teacher.  She was full of all kinds of statements/ questions yesterday.  Alrighty then.  She said that b/c I was going around the house seeing what we don't use anymore that we might be able to sell.  Every penny counts during an adoption for sure especially, when other things are happening at the same time such as fixing up the house for the kids to come home.  Plus, for some reason, the declutter process makes me feel so, so much better.  It's awesome!  Some things I've given away.  Such as two air mattresses, kids' stampers and a bag of silk flowers.  Some things we've sold.  2 vacuum cleaners, a jacket, and a desk.  Getting there slowly.  I'm selling things piece by piece.  Easier to track that way.

Had a wonderful friend give Alyona a mattress today!  Wahoo!!!  Bye-bye dogbed.  I hope.  For those new here, our daughter Alyona has some security issues and loves to be enclosed and in a small place.  Her comfort is a dogbed in between two closets.  I have gotten here really excited about this mattress and hoping it is a small step in the right direction.  It is just the mattress part.  We'll add the box springs later.  After that, a real bed.  For her, it is best to go slowly and little by little.  I am not getting rid of the dogbed quite yet though.  Have to make sure she can sleep a few nights in a row w/out it.  Looking forward to this though.  We will be building built ins for Alyona and her two new sisters.  I really thrilled at the thought of it all.

We have had a glitch in our homestudy & currently trying to work it out.  I will not give out details on here yet.  I do promise to later on in the adoption just in case others run into the same situation.  I've talked to some privately about this & know for a fact others have experienced the same "glitch."  But for now, I can not.  We are diligently working on it though.  For now, my heart is just beating faster & ready to be finished w/ it all.  Don't need the stress eating.  LOL.  Warren and I are committed to losing weight before we go to Bulgaria.  Is hard when you have 3 teens constantly wanting to eat.  Today I'm getting back to my normal exercise regimen and am ready for it.  Stepping everything up two notches and will get back to doing the Flabulous to Fabulous posts.  Plus, exercise is an awesome why to relieve some of that adoption stress we all experience.  I actually woke up this morning tired as can be but did do my stretching and weight lifting.  Felt great about that.  Later today, I'm walking and then doing cardio.  I'd love to walk at least twice a day but that really is hard to do w/ my first kid arriving her eat 8am.  I am dreaming to do a 5K.  I know to those of you who do that stuff all the time think that is no big deal.  But for someone to go from being totally out of shape to doing a 5K, would be a huge deal for me.  That is what I'm shooting for!  Time will tell.  Just reached a point though where it is time to make a necessary & responsible change in habit.  Believe it or not, I know exactly what to do & how to do it to lose weight.  My major in college (& please don't laugh)... Health & Fitness Specialist.  That's right.  The mom who is currently out of shape holds a degree in fitness.  I plan to get back to that.  My real dream... is to become ACE certified.  I've always wanted to do that.  Who knows.  Maybe one day.

I have a bunch I'm catching up on today.  It's been great.  2 more people coming to pick stuff up and then I put stuff for sale again.  Been working well & declutter is going great.  Only one closet left to do downstairs.  Alex & I are going through his stuff this weekend.  Remember, he's on the FAS 7-7-7 rule so I'll see about things.  Alyona has plenty.  Yana and Irina could really use some new clothes.  Irina is a hard one as she understands she tends to spill stuff, so if she gets something new, she loves to "save" it so it stays clean.  More on that for another day.  I want to make sure all the kids have new shoes for when school starts.  Also, great time for clothes sales here.  We stocked up on shirts for the boys the other day.  Target...$2.48 and jeans for $3.48.  Umm, not bad at all.  I just have this feeling that we may be busy in the fall and what all this stuff taken care of now.

Irina and Max are going to a driver's ed meeting this Thursday night.  Yikes!  Yep, they'll be taking the class.  Nerves a plenty here.  For the parents that is.  Still can't believe I have two kids going to be learning to drive.  wow.  More going on and will do my best to post.  Still owe you all some pictures from this past weekend.  Just know, I need to pay all attention to this adoption stuff right now.  It is our focus.

Nik had speech therapy.  She comes to the home twice a week.  He learns so much.  He will just explode this year.  BTW, I will video tape him saying some words soon.  Just still melts my heart.  Nothing like your deaf child learning how to speak.  Such an accomplishment especially, at his age.  Simply amazing.  Have to go but will be back w/ more info.  And of course pictures!  though I'm definitely NOT able to do any professional photos like some of the other blogs I see, I still think my kids look great.  Enjoy your week everyone.  More to come so stay tuned.

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