Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lights OFF kids!!!

You know when you have kids, the lights are going to be left on no matter how many times you scream to turn them off.  Well, proof positive came in the form of an electric bill today.  Now, we're used to high bills just b/c the house is older(almost 20 years), not effecient heat pump at all, windows that have condensation most the time, etc.  But this one even took me back a bit.  I was actually scanning the bill hoping there was a "past due" amount on there.  Knew there wasn't as we pay on time but still kinda of hoping something crossed in the mail.  Nope.  This was all us.  It's lights and electricity.  We try to conserve as much as we can.  Just hard w/ outdated stuff and kids who seem to want every light in the house on.  I just yelled at Max for leaving the lights on upstairs while he went downstairs to get something.  You know, the one who is distracted at even a raisin on the floor.  Anyhow, he forgets and then it would be left on all day.  He can't see the magnitude & they can't relate that lights on equals money out.  I know summer is expensive as far as electric costs go but this is literally the highest bill we ever had... $434.  That is just too much.  And since my kids "don't get it," I'm honestly thinking of charging them a percentage of the bill every time I have to mark their names down in a notebook for leaving the lights on or the radio or tv when not in the room.  What have you all done for electricity usage?  We have all the flourescent lightbulbs..which I HATE w/ a passion btw.  They've caused 2 fires in our home thus far.  We have all the shades down in the day b/c of all the sun.  High efficiency washer & dryer.  Clean out the air filters.  Set the air conditioner at 76 to 78.  Other than this, what else can we do?  We save energy whenever possible.  We're going to try to really crack down on the lights issue here.  That is all I can think of right now.  Any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them.  I really would. 

There are a couple things we are focusing on right now.  Trying to focus on just four things at a time and go from there.  So, they are:

1.  Homestudy done & sent off
2.  Dossier done & sent off
3.  Driver's Ed meetings & sign ups for Max & Irina
4.  Nik's speech therapy & goals

Those are the 4 things we are currently focusing on.  Hoping to have ALL completed by next week.  Well, Nik's is ongoing but at least now it is underway.  His new speech teacher is awesome I think it will be a great match.  After this set of focuses, we will do the next four:

1.  Decide who we are homeschooling & start getting that set up.
2.  Get Bojan's second opinion & amputation stuff set up.
3.  Get all school shopping done & sign ups for any sport stuff.
4.  Finish all the repair work on start on Alyona & her new sisters' room.

I figure if we can accomplish four major goals every two weeks, we'll be okay.  I know the first 4 will indeed be able to be finished next week....I think.  the next four I am slowly starting to get organized for.  Lots to do.  Speaking of lots, time to go reserve some hotel rooms for guests coming into town to help us out.  Speech therapist came today.  She comes 2X a week now.  We'll be checking the status of his pre-qualification stuff next week.  For the second implant that is.  I made an appointment for bojan.  Tomorrow's post will be about Bojan.  Lots and lots of stuff going on w/ him physically that needs to be addressed.  Poor kid can not even walk right now.  Again, tomorrow's post.  Hoping a surgery can be done before we leave for Bulgaria.  Timing is everything & our docs are great about working w/ us.  However, new doc.  I will explain in detail tomorrow as it is a post in itself.  Got to go.  More to accomplish today.  Trying to sell some things around the house that we don't need or use.  Helps w/ raising a bit of money.  This time though,, it was more of a selfish reason.  See, our whole family has this relaxing place we go in the yard...the hammock.  We all go to relax, read a book, just swing, just sit, quiet alone time, etc.  Different reasons but still the same place.  Well used.  We had gotten a hammock maybe a year or two ago.  It has been well-worn & has started to fray to where it will become unsafe soon.  So, I sold some stuff yesterday online and we made the same amount as the hammock.  Can't wait to surprise the kids when it comes in.  Here's where we ordered it from:

Well, actually on sale at overstock but this allows you to see the picture.  Think we got the sapphire one.  I think it is important everyone have a place to go.  So, that's why I thought it important to get another hammock.  Kids don't know. This one is made of nylon.  So,should last a bit longer.  I'll take a picture for sure once it comes in & is set up.  Got to get some work done now.  Stay tune for more happenings and definitely pictures soon.  Lots of pictures to catch up on. 

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