Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just dreaming...

Hey, if you're going to dream...dream big.    I received a catalog the other day of playsets and beds.  Ahh, to be able to have one of these in the yard.  Now, when I say dreaming , I mean dreaming.  You'll understand when you see these things.  Gorgeous but definitely not w/in our price range.  Frankly, not w/in the price range of the average American families.  LOL.  But, it is wonderful to dream.  Warren built our last playset about 10 years ago.  Plans were out of his head.  The kids have literally used it everyday almost.  Gotten great use out of it.  You think he can build me one of these dream sets??  You'll have to look at the site to understand.  Here goes:  http://www.cedarworks.com/ .  Only look if you want to dream.  Aren't they cool?!  Again, a dream for sure.  But, I was looking at the bedsets.  More reasonable than the playsets but again way out of our league.  Still, I do think Warren may be able to do something similar.  We have to get beds for the new girls and Alyona.  I would love for him to build something of this sort.  The Rhapsody Bed 5 is what I'd love him to make.  I think all the girls would have a blast in that.  Okay, out of dreamland.  They are some of the coolest playsets I've seen yet.  The Serendipity series is out of this world.  Have fun and do let me know what your favorite is.  You can view a few of each series.  Just had to share.  Be back w/ more reality stuff later today. 

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  1. I've looked at their website before!
    Definitely a DREAM! Can real people with children afford these sorts of things?

    Not us anyway!!!!!