Friday, July 16, 2010

Injured at Target??

Yep, my kids can get injured anywhere.  We left off at the Family Fun Fest.  Went home for a bit and then off to Target.  We still had the 11 kids so we took two cars.  Plus, didn't know what all we'd end up with.  We were letting Alex spend his birthday money, we knew that.  So, we split up into 3 groups when we got there and did a little shopping.  Kids were all good so not too much trouble.  Well, one of the "littles" spit on his sister but not too bad in the grand scheme of things.  And, Nik got in trouble from us for running in the store but then was hit by a bit of "karma."  Or was it a lawn chair.  He was running down the aisle, after being told not to, and ran smack dab into a lawn chair sticking out.

The ego was hurt more than the head.  Maybe he learned from running down the aisle.  Just the way it goes around here.  For the most part though, ALL the kids did great.  I can't complain when I see other kids in a store throwing a tantrum and the biggest problem I have is who is going to help put stuff in the cart.  No complaints.  After Target, we headed to Coldstone Creamery as I said before.  Cake is worth it for sure.  Plus, the gift certificate doesn't hurt.  For those who've not used, you're missing out.  Lots of deals especially for big families as you know you'll meet their minimum purchase requirement.  Oh while at Target, we let Alex pick out snacks for his celebration.  He lit up when he saw these:

I don't  buy this stuff except for parties and the kids know this.  It is best to keep FASers away from processes stuff.  The kids LOVE these things.  They ate the entire container full. 

After Target we went home to eat some dinner and have that ice cream cake everyone was drooling over.  Remember, it's high 90's here practically all the time in NC so ice cream is almost a necessity.  LOL.  Below are some shots from dinner.

Dinner was burgers and of course those cheese puffs everyone was dying for.  Max was breaking a rule here w/ the no toys at the table rule.  But, during a b-day celebration, most rules aren't that well enforced anyhow.  Max had bought this car w/ some of his work money.  Max loves cars.  Draws them all the time and tries to whittle some out of wood as well.  He is a very gifted artist for sure.  Anything mechanical, he's for it.

Alex and many candles to light.  10 to be exact.  Very hard to think of him in double digits now.  Growing up way to fast.  Blonde hair, blue-eyed, "dash" is growing up before our eyes.  He was wearing a sweatshirt b/c they had just finished swimming.  

Alex, getting ready to think of all wishes and dreams.  Love the innocence of this age. Just a little time left before we hit that preteen stage.  Need to enjoy it while we can.  Of course, Alex is already a hit w/ the girls at school.  Yikes!  For now though, he's loving being a boy.  Playing outside most of the time and getting dirty.  Everything boys should be doing.  Happy 10th Birthday Alex.  May all your birthday wishes come true.  

Next birthday is Yana's in September.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  We are summer cleaning this house inside & out this weekend.  Including the dreaded garage.  2 sets of windows are being delivered tomorrow.  They will be going into the garage which will later become Alyona & her sisters' room.  Currently, they are rotting and something has to be done.  They have to be replaced, there was no option.  The rest of the windows we are patching until we can replace them.  I think it will be a productive weekend for sure.  Next weekend as well.  Then, when it's August, we'll have some last trips planned for the kids.  Enjoy some last summer fun before school starts on August 25th.  Irina is adament about being homeschooled so doing some more research on that before I officially pull her.  She's been homeschooled before but have to figure out what requirements are required for graduation.  Always something new in this house to keep us busy.  I think the rest we are putting in school.  Give it about 2 months and then see how they do.  Max has been wanting to be homeschooled as well but w/ the new high school only being 9th & 10th this year, it may be alright.  We'll see.  We may actually pull Alyona as well.  I think w/ one on one she may be able to go further.  I still hate the idea she's in a Kindergarten through 5th grade class setting.  It does her NO good to be around younger kids at all.  She regresses.  She is 11.  Many her age are going into middle school this year.  She is going into 4th grade.  We're highly concerned as she still can't read.  If a child is able to get to a 4th grade reading level, then they can most likely hold a job and live independently.  Believe it or not, we're told most of the paper is on a 4th grade level.  Go figure.  She has tremendous catching up to do.  I'm wondering if she could catch up more at home.  She has awesome teachers, that's not the problem.  I've seen them in actually & really do appreciate the job they do.  Trust me, I've seen them in action and her main teacher was able to turn a corner for Yana which set her on the right path.  But Alyona is not Yana and has many, many more cognitive delays than her.  Yet, I am very confident in this teacher.  She really is awesome.  I've seen the changes in many of the kids in the classroom this year.  Again, it's not the teachers that are the issue.  It's the classroom set up and the fact that no matter how you slice it, one on one w/ delayed kids is always better.  Plus, some of her classmates are hard to deal with.   Alyona gives her phone # out freely now that she knows it.  However, this causes great problems at home when her "friends" call and she doesn't really consider them her friends.  Again, working on what is best for all the kids all around in regards to schooling.  A very hard decision for sure.  For now, just Irina being homeschooled.  However, it may be Max and Alyona as well in a few months.  Time will tell.  It's just hard to make such a big decision.   Keep you all posted in what we decide.  Time to get down to the dirty work & get this house spic & span.  I cheated.  We all just had ice cream sundaes before we cleaned up.  Trying to keep things easy going as we had such a busy, busy June, I want July to be more calm for them.  Now, August is super, super busy with a trip to the beach(just a day trip), trip on a boat around the lake here, a trip most likely for a weekend to Lake Anna, VA with friends that we miss dearly, school starting, Bojan's surgery being scheduled, school shopping, all docs to Bulgaria, and the list goes on.  It's packed, trust me.  So, relaxing w/ some ice cream is okay I guess.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  Posts regarding Bojan are forthcoming. 

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