Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How to get dirty? How to get 'em clean!

Trying to catch up a bit on things.  I will have quite a few posts but at the moment trying to get some stuff done around the house and paperwork.  As most on here know by now, I not only have my 7 kids during the summer but also sit for 4 others most days.  In addition, there are always other kids here as well everyday.  Some days you just go w/ the flow.  Today, it's a 102 outside.  Not the best to play outside.  So, w/ only 9 kids here today, I decided it was time to pack up and go to Walmart.  We all picked out a movie, well 2, and our own "theater" candy.  Each got whatever candy they wanted  stipulation being they can't go over $1.00.  Had to put that one in there when Max spotted a $6 candy bar.  Ummm, I don't think so kid.  They were all thrilled.  Especially, since I had leftover giftcard money and treated them all at lunch at Micky D's to take home.  We ate at the house, watched a movie all while enjoying our candy bars.  Now, some are swimming.  It won't last long out there as even the pool is just not refreshing.  Too hot.  Even added cold water!  Enjoying the day today.  Tomorrow, just as hot so craft day...inside.  Previously, I had let them have fun w/ paint.  Okay, I go to yardsales and get bins of craft supplies and just let imaginations fly.  It was in the 80's a few weeks ago and perfect to be outside.  Well, they had watched the movie Avatar and loved it.  I said, why don't you think of warrior names.  They did though most were not original.  Most took on Ninja Turtle names.  Oh well.  At least they were somewhat thinking.  LOL.  Anyhow, decided to keep those creative juices flowing.  I found a bag full of tatoos and said you can decorate your bodies.  They then asked if they can use paint.  I said sure, why not.  Make sure it's washable.  I came outside and found this:

Figured, it can't get too bad, they're almost done.  Umm, no, they weren't...

If you don't recognize this kid, it's Nik.  BTW, the sticks are their warrior spears which they painted as well.  Then had to do battle with them.

Amazing how just simple paint can transform a kid's spirit.  He feels strong and fearless in this picture.  He can do anything!  The kids even painted each other.  Kind of cool some of the stuff they came up with.  How on earth do you get this mess clean??

Why with a good spray of the hose of course.

Bojan getting cleaned up.  Had no trouble finding kids who wanted to spray the warriors.
Believe it or not, they were laughing the whole time they were getting sprayed.  Looks terrible but they had so much fun.  A little too much though b/c they keep asking when they are doing it again.  URGHH!!!

Many more pictures to come and posts as well.  Right now, really trying to finish up the dossier docs.  Our doc was filling them out & then calls me.  I'm fine, my checkup was just a few months ago w/ full blood work and such.  Warren hasn't been seen for awhile though we did go to the health fair.  Remember, he had better bp than me.  Anyhow, he now has an appt. for the 21st of this month.  Wish it were sooner as she won't sign docs until the appt.  Bummer.  I will probably send dossier docs on w/out the doc form and send that the week he has the appt.  Excited to get these things finished for sure.  more on all the adoption front later.  

For now, just summer fun is our concentration w/ the kids.  We plan on going to a family fun fest this weekend.  A little carnival locally.  And Alex's birthday party of course.  Rest of the weekend, what's left of it, will hopefully be spent fixing more of the house up.  Getting there piece by piece.  More to come.  A friend of Alyona's & her mom are coming over now to swim.  Pictures galore these next few days so be ready.  Some cute kids coming your way. 

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