Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Help for the house...

As some of you are aware, we do not live in a mansion.  LOL.  I don't believe most people do.  However, we do love our house, our neighborhood and our community.  We are here for the long term it looks like.  Our house has had to grow as our family has grown.  It has almost doubled in size.  Part of that is in part due to 1000 sq. ft. that was unfinished when we moved in here.  We finished that.  We also made our back deck into our dining hall.  The old dining room and old kitchen were combined into one kitchen.  We moved in this home with 2 kids.  At most, thought we'd have 4 children.  Never, ever thought we'd have 7 kids, let alone 10.  Go with the flow here.  With special needs children, some adjustments do need to be made.  And, we have.  Now, we'll have 3 more kids and need a place to put them.  There is room now but having teens share w/ 3yo's and such would not be a good idea. LOL.  Yana and Irina have their own rooms downstairs.  Alex & Nik share upstairs as well as Bojan & Max share a room too.  Alyona is currently "roomless."  She sleeps on the floor on a dogbed.  Wait!  Before you say anything, the dog bed is her choice, not ours.  It is a security issue and remember, Alyona is 11yo but more like a 4yo with some issues for sure.  We do what makes our kids feel comfortable in their environment.  Alyona wants to feel enclosed.  Even sleeps on the floor when she sleeps in her sister's room some times.  There is indeed a bed for her, but she chooses not to sleep on it.  I do think she'll sleep with her new sisters though.  So, for that part.  We need to convert our current garage into a bedroom for the girls.  We're working on how we're going to do this.

Before we can even do this part of the conversion however, we must fix immediately a lot of issues that have come up w/ an almost 20 year old house.  It happens.  And with our children and their issues, they came first...house always came last.  It is starting to show.  So, time to do something about it.  We have an awesome friend who lives a few hours away that has offered to put together a work crew to come help us out.  I can not tell you what  a relief that is.  It is impossible here to do it all.  We are constantly having to stop what we are doing to check up on what they are doing--LOL.  And sometimes their "help" is a little more than we want and we end up having to fix more than originally anticipated.  Remember last year when Max wanted to "help" clean the pool w/ the long net?  Sliced the liner wide opened....$500 repair.  Nice help, huh? 

Anyhow, we have a few people coming on the weekend of July 24th and 25th.  A friend of mine offered to take two of the little kids for the weekend.  Bojan's friend's mom also offered to take the other two kids for the weekend while we do this.  Wahoo!!!  The 3 teens will be here to help us out. Whether it is cooking for the whole crew or actually helping out.  Max I know will be helping out.  This entire weekend we worked on the yard and the house.  Not even near done.  Some locals have also asked how they could help.  LOVE IT!!!  So, if any of you locals want to work hard, have some good company & conversation and good food, come on over that weekend.  It is open invitation to anyone.  People have asked me the details so figured I'd just put them on here.  We'll be working Saturday the 24th and Sunday, the 25th.  Come any time, door will be wide open I'm sure.  Someone in our neighborhood has even offered to let us borrow his tools.  I'm a little hesitant as I don't want something to happen to someone else's stuff.  So, will probably rent what we need.  Max has lost or destroyed most tools Warren had.  I promise to do an FAS post one of these days that will explain a bunch of this stuff. 

I can not believe the generosity of people.  It really melts my heart.  We have folks driving hours to come help us out for the weekend.  I need to organize greatly and will work on that tonight w/ Warren.  So, anyone want to come & help out, please do let us know.  I need to try to get a head count so I can organize the teams better at the jobs we're doing.  Some of what we will be doing is:

Replacing rotted ballisters on porch
Painting around door of dining room outside as it is starting to rot
Painting outside window trim
Replacing 4 front windows due to excessive rot (have the windows)
Fix the leaky roof
Dig a trench in the yard due to the flooding in the yard

I have about a page list.  This is only a few things.  Trust me, there is plenty of work for everyone and anyone who wants to give it a shot.  LOL.  Don't be afraid to make a mistake here that's for sure.  I'd LOVE to finish the upstairs bathroom as we currently have 7 kids, soon to be 10, sharing 1 bathroom and the master.  It's not working for us at all.  Who knows though.  Priority goes to rotting stuff.  This is our mini extreme home makeover so we can get the kids home to a safe home at the very least.  It is safe now, don't get me wrong.  Just w/ the age of the home, we need this done or it can become bad down the road.  Some of the major issues we can't address right now such as the septic system load and entire roof replacement.  But, we can definitely get the home to a nicely repaired state.  Do let me know if any of you are interested in helping out w/ the house.  I do need a headcount for tools, food, and jobs.  I know I've had a few people here tell me they want to help & frankly, we can use all the help we can get on this undertaking.  However, I have forgotten exactly who all said they'd help.  So, even if you already have told me, can you please tell my forgetful brain again so I can mark it down this time.  Thanks a bunch!!!  I'm looking forward to it and can't wait to get started.   Promise the next post will indeed have pictures.  LOL.  Enjoy your week everyone. 

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